Student life in Melbourne

Exchange semester in Victoria University, Melbourne

Cairns & Sydney



Now we are at this point that today is the last full day for me in Australia. I am back to Melbourne from my travelling tour around Australia. My flight leaves tomorrow around 3 pm from Melbourne Tullamarine heading towards Bangkok, Thailand.

What comes to studies, I have managed to get all the documents that I need and I have “returned” my exchange blog to Asio. Now I am waiting that international department accept it that I can return all other documents and get this thing out of my hands.

My feelings are overall a little bit miscellaneous. I excited to come back to Finland, meet my family, relatives and friends and be back at home. On the other hand I will miss my friends that I get to know and spend a lot of time during the past half year. Also, weather is quite good at the moment, which doesn’t make leaving any easier.


Next I am going to open my time in Cairns and Sydney. We headed next to Cairns, Queensland where the weather was really good, it was not that humid as in Darwin, so you are not sweating all the time. Our stay in Cairns last six days. We had Airbnb accommodation app. 2km from the city center. We rented bicycles, which made going to city and back very handy and fast. Cairns is relaxed city app. same size as Jyväskylä. We made a one day snorkeling trip to Great Barrier Reef (Outer reefs), which was really great and the environment there is quite unique. Although, we managed to do a lot in these six days, we were chilling a lot in city lagoon. Same as in Darwin, you cannot go to swim in to sea, at least not this time of the year, because of crocodiles and jellyfishes. Overall, Cairns is really preconception of Australia, the weather is really nice and people are chill. Like the whole East Coast, Cairns was popular among backpackers.


After six days in Cairns we flied to Sydney. Flying is the most easiest and probably cheapest way to travel inside Australia. There are no trains except one from Adelaide to Darwin, which cost insane amount of money. Buss on the other hand are as expensive as flying, except if you would like to do East Coast travelling by Greyhound (hop on-hop off style). Like in past cities, our accommodation was in Airbnb close to Bronte Beach. Days went by different beaches; Manly, Bondi & Bronte. Strolling in city, seeing the famous Opera house, walking across Sydney bridge. Surprisingly in Sydney I witnessed a lot of Australians wildlife. In our accommodation were huntsman spiders (not dangerous, but quite big compared to Finnish ones) and one big bad black spider (most likely very venomous). Also, blue bottle jellyfish burned me on shoulder, but that was not too bad. Just couple hours little bit burning and that’s it.

After six days in Sydney, I flew by myself to Melbourne, where I have now stayed one night with my friends in Unilodge. As I said earlier tomorrow I fly to Bangkok and then in couple days back to Finland.

Here was a little summary of my travels. I am more than happy to tell about my experiences in Australia, if you have anything on your mind. Once again, I strongly recommend to go overseas and experience new things while you are young and do not have to much strings attached.

Adios amigos!