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First Leg of the Journey


Hey guys!

My journey has officially started! I am now staying in Bangkok, Thailand in my fathers apartment. My flight went well and both luggages arrived safely! I think that I don’t yet have any idea what I signed into, but I bet that this journey will be extremely fun and amazing experience for me! After I woke up from my nap, I went to the relaxing foot massage, amazing beef restaurant called El Gaucho and played some billiards!

Also, I finally got registerated MyVU portal, which is basically Australian counterpart to Finnish Optima, but there is much more info! I also got my Australian student email.

I was also invited couple weeks ago to WhatsApp group called Aussie Mates. The conversations are increasing rapidly, when people are arriving from all over the world to Melbourne and they got all kind of questions. Many of them are staying in UniLodge accommodation, which is also mine accommodation. So, it’s nice to see that I maybe chose the right place, because I did not have any idea that is that “popular” place etc.

I found also, that Victoria University has some cool Uni clothes! Might buy some for souveniers and to myself!

Check them out here

Now it’s time to have some sleep. Cheers!



Four days to go!

Hello guys after one week of media silence!

I have been extremely busy with everything going on my life; playing football, taking care of moving and woodwork (helping my relatives). I haven’t even thought about the fact that I am moving less than a week to Australia! There is still plenty of things to do before “everything” is clear.

The next things that I should do before leaving to Australia are these:


These are not so complicate to handle, but all of this takes time and when you have to do something like these regularly! I will take care of these task tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going to travel to my home town Varkaus, where I am going to stay until I leave to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. I have to start the famous packing operation… I will check in two luggages and one hand luggage. I hope that I get everything fitted in these three luggage! There is so much stuff to pack. For example, sport stuff, autumn clothes (there is not so warm when I am arriving), summer clothes, hygiene stuff etc. I try to take everything necassary with me, so I don’t have to buy everything in the first place, because I know that I will/have to spend money anyway there.

I got feedback that my blog needs more pictures, so I try to add them more to demonstrate things better and of course in the Australia I will take a lot of pictures!

I will write again soon, have a nice day!



The Preparation Hassling



Today, I am going to introduce you what I did after I got the acceptance from Victoria University!

After the confirmation of exchange studies, I got a lot of PDF files from the Victoria University, which were full of information what to do next. Also with a little googling you will find everything that you need to know!

Actions after the successful application process:


  • Apply VISA ! It can take some time that it will be approved and you will need your VISA number to get the accommodation!!! So, do the application right after you get everything clear with Victoria University. I took the Student Visa, but you can also take the Working Holiday Visa, which will give you more freedom to work while you are studying (I would not recommend this, because you can only have this type of visa once and you probably don’t have a place or time to work within your exchange period). Take enough time to do the VISA properly! There were over 20 pages and it can take easily 1-2 hours.


  • The flights. I took the flights before I applied VISA, but if I remember right its not necassary to book them beforehand. My flight route is HELSINKI-BANGKOK by Finnair, BANGKOK-MELBOURNE by ThaiAir and same back to Finland. So, I will stay four days in Bangkok before I fly to Melbourne. I don’t know what was my exact ticket price, because I got the Bangkok-Melbourne-Bangkok flights covered with my fathers flight points, but I recommend to book them early and compare the prices. However, the tickets are going to cost a lot of money, but that is just how it goes if you want to fly to Australia! You should arrive at least couple days before orientation week starts, that you will get used to the time difference and get familiar with the basic things! I will be arriving Melbourne week before the orientation week starts (12/07/2017).

TIP Victoria University offers free airport pick-up, so you don’t have to worry your transportation!

  • Accommodation. This is a big and an important decision and for that reason, I will write soon an own post of this topic! Keep in touch!
  • Financing. Of course, this depends heavily on your financial situation. Shortly, the point is that Australia and big cities there including Melbourne are expesive place’s to live and for that reason you should be aware of this and be properly prepared. You apply grant money from JAMK. Normally it is paid 3 weeks before your school starts, but in my case someone is at the holiday and they pay me in some point after mid July (hopefully!). Also, you should apply from KELA financial support, but the amount of money is close to normal student grant, except student loan is much bigger (800€/month).
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). You will need an insurance for your exchange period. This is required by the University and VISA terms. Victoria University’s preferred provider is Allianz Global Assistance, which is the insurance that I took. They got a representative at City Flinders campus and Footscray Park Campus, which is my “home campus” for Sport Studies. The normal travelling insurance only last three months, so it won’t cover your exchange period. Of course, I recommend that you compare the prices of different companies, but I wanted to get this done and took the Allianz. It cost approximately 300€ for the whole time.

It will take time to get these things done, so start early when you get your confirmation from Victoria University (or any other exchange destination) and make them carefully!

Have a nice day and like always, don’t hesitate to write comment or ask if something comes to mind!


Application process for Student Exchange



Hey, guys!

It is only two weeks left until I fly to Bangkok and there onwards to Melbourne!

Today I am going to introduce you, what kind of is the applying process a.k.a paper war to get an exchange place in Victoria University.

1. Everything starts from the basic ASIO application that you have to fill in certain time period. I applied the exchange place from JAMK at January. There were and probably is still in the future only one exchange spot in the Victoria University. I’m not sure were there any other applicants, but luckily I got the place. This exchange destination is only available for Sport Business students. Victoria University is a brand new partner of JAMK, which means I am the very first one to go an exchange there!


Kuvahaun tulos haulle Victoria University


2. When I got the information that JAMK selected me for the exchange place, next step was to gather documents and apply directly to the Victoria University (I heard that in most cases you got the place if JAMK is proposing you). I got the information of my approval at first day of February. Documents that I send to the Victoria University were English Language Certificate, Transcript of Records, Copy of my Passport and Exchange Application Form (from Victoria University). So, this stage of the exchange process won’t cost you anything, except if you don’t have passport.

English Language Certificate I got from JAMK Language Center. It’s basically a certificate of English for Working Life course. The grade you got from the course is visible, so you better have at least 4! This is luckily free certificate and it works for Victoria University. The International cordinator of JAMK scared me a little bit when he said at some point that it should be some paid language test (worth of couple hundred euros) which is held who knows where and when.

Exchange Application Form was easy to fill in, just basic informations. Although, you have to already pick up units that you would want to study there. However, this wont be the final desicion, because you don’t know the timetables of the courses and probably some of the courses that you take beforehand wont be held in that semester.

TIP So, don’t stress in this point about units. I will later on write own topic about my unit selections etc. !


 3.  The next stage is painfully long…. It took almost two months to get the Exchange offer letter from the Victoria University.

Deart Student, Congratulations! I am delighted to offer you a place to study at Victoria University (VU)

In order to accept my place, I had to fill and send there an Exchange Acceptance form

4. Finally one week after I had send my Exchange Acceptance form, I got response that they had accepted my acceptance (So confusing…)


This is how it goes! I hope that this gives information for future Sport Business students who are wondering whether to go for an exchange to Victoria University!

After this official stage, the real work starts: financing (both from school and KELA), visa, accommodation etc.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

I will write again soon, cheers!

Kickstart of the SLIM


Hey everyone!

Today I finally got accomplished to start writing a blog about my upcoming exchange semester. In the near future, I’m going to introduce you the applying process and everything else concerning time before going to the Australia.

So yeah, my blogs name is SLIM ~ Student life in Melbourne. The reason why I’m writing this blog is because I’m the first student from JAMK who are going there as an exchange student.

The University where I’m going to exchange is Victoria University – Melbourne Australia

Here is a cool YouTube video: Study in Melbourne at Victoria University –

I hope that this blog will be helpful for those who are considering exchange semester in Australia! 🙂