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Travelling before coming home

Hellou my dear readers!

In a nutshell, University is finished and my rent deal came to an end with Unilodge. At the moment, I am in Cairns, Queensland travelling all over Australia before flying back to Bangkok and finally to Finland.

When I wrote last time, I haven’t got yet my results, but now I have them. To refresh memory, I did 4 units (all worth of 7,5ECTS = Overall 30ECTS). I got two HD, D and C. HD is the best grade (5), D the second (4) and C (3) the third. I would have deserved the second D of this unit that I got C, but the it went how it went. I told the story in my last post.

All the units are passed and it’s time to celebrate, relax and explore Australia! The weather is starting to be hot in all around Australia. The last week in Unilodge was really sad (haikea). People who you have been living the past half of year was leaving and you may not see them ever again. However, I was keen to take my next step in chapter and start my joyrney to Darwin, which is a totally different city compared to Melbourne. That was also the point when we selected these cities to visit. To see different parts of Australia. After my journey in Australia, I have seen and explored the following states of Australia: Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. The states that I unfortunately did not visit this time are: South Australia, Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory (Canberra).

Back to Darwin. We stayed in Darwin from Friday to Monday. The weather in Darwin was really hot and humid. The wet season was start about to start there. Darwin is a quite small city, population of app. 145 000 people. Also, you will see a lot of Aboriginal people in here (maybe half of the people in Darwin), which you do not see in Melbourne.

During our stay in Darwin, we explored the Darwin city center, went to Crocosaurus cove, which is just in the center of the city and did a trip to Litchfield National Park.

Darwin and the Northern Territory is the place where are every dangerous and deadly animal you can imagine. For example, it is not safe to go swim in a sea, there are jelly fishes and crocodiles. Also, in this area are the most venomous snakes and spiders of the world, so I would not recommend to go for a walk into a bushes if you do not know what you are doing.

In Crocosaurus cove the coolest things were to feed crocodiles and swim next to them (glass between you and croc). Feeding happened like you would do fishing, you had a rod were was a piece of meat and you could lure croc and finally it attacked and took the meat. There was a possibility to do this “Cage of death” thing were you are putted in a plastic cage to water where is huge crocodile. However, this was quite expensive and we did not do that. While we were visiting there, we realized that we did the right choice. The crocs were not into attacking or scaring people. They have done it hundres of times and they have realized that they cannot get into that reinforced plastic cage. This means that the workers there had to poke with a stick that they would be more aggressive and would be interested about the person in their territory – not that cool in my opinion.

Trip to Litchfield National Park was absolutely worth it! Although the weather this day was a bit rainy, the temperature was still quite high and we were definitely not freezing. We visited three different places; two different waterfalls and one place were was pools withing the creek. Places were totally different that I have visited earlier and it was a great experience. In this small lakes or creeks were a lot of life. They were full of fishes, turtles, spiders and birds. Apparently in one waterfall area where we visited, there were also freshwater crocs, but they keep their on space. Later on, when the wet season has lasted longer, the saltwater crocs will come there (which are dangerous to human and everyone) and these waterfalls and ponds will be closed. However, these signs about crocs and dangerous are little bit creepy and swimming is totally different thrill than in Finland. Also, in a first place were we visited small and little bigger fishes attacked to my legs.

That’s about it from Darwin! Now I am continuing my vacation in Cairns, which I will be writing later on!

Keep going strong, adios!