Start of something new

My first week in South Korea has been interesting. When I arrived in Incheon international airport, I was so nervous because this is my first time to travel alone in a big city. After travelling for around twelve hours (including flights from Finland to South Korea), I found my school and my dormitory building. Before I arrived the South Korea, I had done lot of things like for example get a student visa, applied for the university in Daegu, got the vaccinations that were needed, and the list goes on and on. But I made it, and now I am in Daegu experiencing the exchange student life, and if I can make it then so can you.

The outside of the dormitory (Cheomseong-gwan 1).

My life in KNU campus for the past week has been an emotional rollercoaster because sometimes I have missed my home country, but still I have enjoyed my time in Daegu. Other exchange students have been nice, and I now have lots of new friends. One downside of Korea is that some of the foods are really spicy and with every meal they serve you rice, so that was and is still something I have to get used to. Also in Korea, most people either don´t speak English, or are too shy to speak it. That can be especially hard when ordering food (I have used pictures of the foods to get what I want quite a lot). Even though some meals are spicy, the price is much lower than in Finland (around 2-4 euros per meal, even at the restaurants!). Fun fact: my dormitory has no kitchen, so I have to eat my every meal at the campus cafeteria or some restaurant.


My dormitory's cafeteria lunch.
My dormitory’s cafeteria lunch.

The dormitory room is quite small, and I must share a room with another a student. Luckily my roommate is also from Finland, so it’s nice to share the room with her.  My dormitory building is called Cheomseong (첨성) and inside the building there is a cafeteria, a gym, a grocery store and a café place. The campus area is very large and includes different cafeterias, study buildings and a sports centre. The main campus library is a very lovely place and a great place to study, but it’s always very full of people because in Korea the students study really hard to keep their grades good.


Picture from library.
Couse corner in the library. 


I have so much things that I want tell you guys, but I will leave it until the next time since the first week here has been very hectic and quite tiring. I hope that you enjoy my post

Kind regards, Elina <3