Study life in Korea

Studying in South Korea is intense, students read a lot, teachers keep a fast rhythm in classes and in almost every class you have to study a course book. KNU uses the YES system where you can find the course schedule, course registration, basically information about everything. Also, they have the LMS system where the teacher puts the course information and uses that system to check student’s attendance in the class.

Usually the classes take 1h 30 minutes but the teaching rhythm is fast, and you have to study the subject of that day before class. Also, all my courses have mid-term exams and final exams where you have to memorize the chapters of the book. Of course, not every class has this, for example the language courses and culture studies, but I have many business courses because that is my major, so this is my point of view of the courses. Normally my courses are held about from 9am until 6pm, but many language courses are held from 6pm until 9pm.

When you are making the Learning Agreement, choose only courses that are taught in English not Korean+English because the teaching language is then Korean. Then there will be the course registration day when you can add courses yours schedule, but you have to be fast because the most wanted courses are full in less than minute. I recommended that you write up your courses and their numbers on paper so it’s easier to search for that course in the YES system and add that course into your schedule. There is also a time schedule for different types of courses, for example the major courses open up first at 8am and then 9am language courses etc.

The Beginning can be hard there will be lot of paperwork, but it will be all forth it in the end.

Kind regards, Elina <3