Living in KNU dorms

Living in the cheomseong dormitory building is a unique experience. You have a roommate, so you must share this one room and bathroom together. My experience of living with my roommate has been great, but I also know that everybody our dormitory hasn’t felt the same way. When I got the information about the dormitory, I was nervous because I didn’t have any idea of my building or a roommate.

When I arrived to the dormitory with my roommate, I was happy that she seemed nice and I believed that we were going to be friends. I was right but when we saw our dormitory room when we arrived well… this is not a hotel, but you can sleep here so that is good thing. First days we just cleaned our room because it was messy, and we didn’t want to unpack our stuff to an unclean room. After the cleaning the room felt more comfortable to live for us. Nowadays we have gotten used to our room and it isn’t expansive to live here. One semester in dormitory cost me 547.000 won (418.91 euros).

Our room. 
View from our room.

Well when you live in the dormitory there are some rules witch you must follow that you can keep living there. Here is some of the rules;  to have or drink alcohol in the dormitory and conduct or participate in any gambling activities in the dormitory (5 penalty points), to smoke in the dormitory and any non-designated smoking area (3 penalty points), to have a member of the opposite sex in the dormitory room (10 penalty points) and to enter or leave the dormitory between 01:00 and 05:00 for ungraduated students (2 penalty points). In the dormitory they have this points system when you can earn them by participate example emergency training or lose them by breaking the rules. Everybody starts at a clean table and if you break the rules then you get the penalty points, and when you get 14 penalty point you are kicked out from the dormitory. It’s also good to know that when you live in the dormitory, they have a different floor for women and men. They even have elevators for women and men. It’s forbidden to go to opposite sex’ floors or rooms and if they catch you, you get penalty points. Only the basement is for everyone, but you cannot have skinship with the opposite sex.

When you are living your everyday life, someday you must wash clothes. That’s why the dormitory buildings have laundry rooms. I wash my laundry one floor below at sixth floor’s laundry room. It costs 1.000 won (less than 1 euro) to use a laundry machine or a dryer and it takes about 50min to machine wash your clothes. Someday when I don’t want to use the dryer, I just use the drying room which is located at our floor which is seventh floor. In the laundry room they don’t have any booking system, so you just must check if there is any machine available at that moment. Usually if I want to book some machine, I just leave my laundry in front of the machine to let people know that I am next user.

So, in dormitory they have a lot of rules which you must follow but still living here is one experience including exchange in Korea. For me the dormitory was right solution and without dormitory I wouldn’t gotten to know my roommate and good friend Maria.

Kind regards, Elina <3