Food places in Daegu

It’s been while since I wrote here and I’m sorry for that. Last month I didn’t haven’t time to post two blog post because the midterm week was hectic and then was Halloween. But now I finally have time to write here and this time I want to tell you about my favourite food places in Daegu, but also the style of Korean food. Usually during the week, I just eat at the school cafeterias because the food there is cheap and good, but in the weekends I eat at restaurants nearby our campus area.

My favourite place now is 836 chicken restaurant, because the chicken there is so good and during the lunch time one meal cost less than 9.000won (7.00 euros). The style and flavour of chicken is barbeque style and the chicken is so juicy and every bite of that chicken tastes so good. My second favourite place is maybe Honda Ramen. They serve you ramen noodles with pork. The price there depends for your order, if you want more meat that is about 7.000 won (5.44 euros), cheapest one cost about 5.500 won (4.28 euros). When I’m craving noodles or warm soup, I go there to eat some ramen noodle soup. The taste is so good, kind of a creamy soup.


Honda ramen.

If you are travelling to Korea of course you must try some Korean barbeque. I have been to two Korean barbeque restaurants, and both restaurants were really delicious. I don’t remember the name of the places, but they were also near our campus area. The first barbeque place that I went has this A, B or C menu and you can eat as much you can. So, after that place you aren’t starving anymore, and the marinated pork cutlet is so good there. The other place you can get chicken, rice balls, chicken hearts and some barbeque meat that you can grill at the same time as when you eat the food, because the other food has been already cooked for you.

836 chicken restaurant.

I have also tasted the Korean style dessert bingsu (빙수) it’s made of shaved ice and various ingredients for example fruits, syrups and sometimes cream top of it. The dessert is so huge that I recommended to take some friend and eat this delicious dessert together. It is very popular in South Korea during the summer.

The most popular flavours in Korean foods are spicy, and sweet & sour. Barbeque style food is also very popular and deep-fried chicken restaurants you can find anywhere. Usually they serve meat with a bowl of rice, and a popular side dish is kimchi. When I go to eat, I usually drink water but most of the restaurants offer soju or beer with the meal. The prices at restaurants are not that bad and eating out here is very cheap. I think that Korean food culture is unique, but I have fallen in love with the taste of Korean food.

Kind regards, Elina <3