Hello dear readers! And welcome back to school.

This is the pilot post for both my blogging era as well as the Student’s Diary campaign, which I guess means that the pressure is on.

© Mona Pitkänen
© M. Pitkänen

Gladly handling stress is something that you have to (for your own sake) master as an MMM student – if you don’t know how to do it yet, you’ll learn it fast.

I think that the first thing to do is to introduce myself: my name is Mona, and I’m a second year student of the Degree Programme in Music and Media Management (MMM). Usually when I tell someone what I’m studying, they immediately ask me if I sing or play an instrument. Well, even though a bunch of us “Mömmös” (a weird Finnish nickname for MMM students meaning goo) are somewhat related to the world of music as either band members or groupies, we don’t study music itself. Moreover, being a Bachelor of Culture and Arts after graduation doesn’t really describe our profession. So what do we actually do? Here it comes: we study managing and leading in the field of music and media. In other words, in a few years we’ll hopefully find ourselves in managing positions in the above-mentioned industry.

Today was the first school day of the spring semester 2011, and I can honestly say that I’ve never been more happy to go back to school after a holiday. It’s not because my 3 weeks off would’ve been disastrous after which anything would have been an improvement, but because I’m actually excited to study more MMM stuff! Though we had just a journalism lecture today by one of my favorite teachers, I vaguely remember choosing quite many courses before Christmas for the spring…. Wait a second, I’ll go and check.

Yep, a ridiculous amount. But what can you do, too many interesting subjects to study!

I bumped into Music and Media Management by accident at the Studia Fair 2008, and oh boy I’m glad I did. For a few years I had thought of applying to study either graphical design or media production, but they just didn’t feel like “my thing”. The JAMK students at Studia didn’t really know much about MMM as it was a brand new program, but after they told me that the MMM students were organizing a “club event for deaf, which had a vibrating dance floor”, I was certain that this would be the place for me. I mean, how cool is that? Funnily enough I ended up organizing the same event last year.

Even though becoming a “Mömmö” meant that I had to leave Helsinki and move all the way to central Finland, I haven’t regretted one bit. And why should I, I’ve been more than happy with the school and the program. I hope that during this week I get to open up the curtain and let you have a peek in the MMM lounge (yes, we have our own lounge at school). Welcome to our world!

Any questions, comments or weather forecasts can either be left here under the post or sent to me via e-mail to monapitkanen@gmail.com. The smartest ones can also track me down on Facebook, but the most important thing is that you ask. The style is free.

Let’s catch up tomorrow!



PS. More pictures coming up.


  1. I’ve honestly been touched by your thoughts about MMM, I’ve tried to apply last year, but it’s been quite difficult from where I live, although, my motivation to study there is still intact, I’m afraid this year I can’t apply, as I haven’t got all the money required for the trip. Hoping to become one more of the students at jamk someday, I send you my best regards.

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