How do I get there (and are we there yet)?

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It’s really weird, we had again only one lecture today. Though, after actually taking a look at my spring courses it turned out that two of them are intensive teaching, which means that they last only for three days. I might survive alive after all! Seriously speaking, the recommended amount is approximately 30 credits (ECTS) per semester, which is perfectly possible to achieve without losing your mind. I’m just working on my personal “get as many credits as possible before next summer” project, which came out of nowhere. But hey, multitasking! However, 30/semester adds to 60/year, and that means that the needed credits would be achieved in 4 years. Depending on your study pace you can graduate also in 3.5 years.

Today when I was walking my dog in the snowstorm and almost sinking into a pond (I thought it was a soccer field at first…), it hit me. It’s SPRING! Well, it didn’t really feel like spring as my face was wet with whirling slush and from time to time I had to carry the dog, because she refused to walk on with snowballs stuck to her paws. However, in theory it is spring school-wise, and spring means entrance exams. The mysterious event which at least I was scared to death of. I attended the Studia Fair 2010 in December as a tutor, and the undeniable winner of the Top 3 questions I faced was “What are the entrance exams like?”. Also its BFF “Is it easy to get in?” was very popular.

You never know what the cunning teachers of MMM will come up with this year as it is typical to be innovative and groundbreaking in our program (by the way, never use those words), but the entrance exams have been fairly similar for two years now. It could be assumed (also, never assume) that they are somewhat alike this time as well. To make your life easier and prevent you from getting a panic attack I can briefly describe the process. However, all rights reserved!

First of all, we were asked to bring in a portfolio. Personally I like detailed instructions, because then it’s more difficult to go wrong. That’s why I suffered from numerous hyperventilations and nervous breakdowns when trying to figure out what I would do. In the end after being frustrated for months I decided to compile the portfolio in a website format, as web design had been my hobby for several years. My first advise for you: don’t make it so agonizing. The portfolio is supposed to depict you, so just choose the style that feels right. If you’re a Power Point master, make an awesome slideshow. Write a song. Sell yourself (not literally). The second day consisted of the written part and short interviews.

© H. Kynsijärvi

The second question is more difficult, as there is no concrete right answer. I could say that if you are the right person for this program, it is easy to get in. Defining “the right person” is impossible. However you should be motivated, enthusiastic, genuinely interested in the field and ready to work your butt off. If you have a voice in your head (even if it’s a small one) telling you to apply, do it! Can’t wait to see you in the entrance exams :).

Now I have to get going, there is a kick-off party for the Jyväskylä University and JAMK’s student union JAMKO’s International Club and we have to go and check out the new exchange students.



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