Audio and Media Production, law studies, PR, International Marketing, projects… The list goes on.

© H. Kynsijärvi
© H. Kynsijärvi

Today I was trying to convince my friend to enroll to the Graphic Design course with me. We were going through the available courses in our student portal; how does bird watching sound by the way? In general the range of choosable courses is endless. In addition to the modules aimed at MMM students you can take courses from other programs, language studies or common classes such as “the basics of digital photography” and sign language. There is also a wine tasting course, but for some reason it’s always full in a blink of an eye after the enrollment opens.

In Music and Media Management the first year consists mainly of basic studies and introductory courses such as “The Global Music and Media Industry Framework”, “Introduction to Management” and “Communication Skills in Multicultural Work Environments”. Some students continue their foreign language studies or start a new one, as it is easy because of the wide selection JAMK offers: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian… Even Chinese and Japanese are possible.

I sticked to the ready-made package of MMM courses, but took a course in the spring where I could complete the Finnish hygiene certificate and alcohol serving permit. Only for 2 €! This year (my second) I went a bit more crazy. As additional courses last autumn I had French 1 (très bien), Strategic Music and Media Management and European Cultural Policy. It has been awesome to realize the usefulness of first year’s basics, as we now go more into depth with the subjects. I could demonstrate my schedule for the spring by listing the courses I’m about to study in the near future:

  • International Entertainment and Media Law (O)
  • Intellectual Property Law and Contract Law
  • Media and Public Relations (O)
  • Leadership (O)
  • Journalism
  • Artist Management
  • World of Music
  • Audio and Media Production
  • Graphic and Trademark Design (O)

(O) = optional

Sounds pretty good, right?

Depending on the course there are either individual assignments or group work. It’s preferable that you are able to co-operate with others, as even some of the exams are done in teams. Some teachers require full attendance, some offer the possibility to study the course independently. Some have take-home exams, some don’t. Refreshing, you never know what happens.

In my opinion the workload is easily bearable. There is a lot to do, but at least I think that the subjects are interesting and some times it doesn’t even feel like you have to do something. However studying in MMM (and I guess in majority of other programs as well) requires initiative and a hunger to learn. Luckily it’s easy to be hungry, because the food is so delicious.

© H. Kynsijärvi
© H. Kynsijärvi

Naturally, in the end I won and my friend has one course more. Ha!

I’m happy to answer any questions concerning the content of our studies, just comment or e-mail.



PS. Yesterday was fun. Damn, those exchange students are wild!

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