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© H. Kynsijärvi
© H. Kynsijärvi

As I have reached the halfway of the journey to the mysteries of MMM, I think it’s only fair to reveal what it’s really about. Campus Entertainment! Well, now that I have survived the first year of Mömmö life, I have a healthier perspective towards CE. Last year it took 110% of my time and resources, and it has been interesting to discover this term that it’s actually possible and much more rewarding to do CE without slaving myself.

Campus Entertainment is a student-led company / learning environment of MMM students, which makes it possible to learn our future profession in practice. We implement different kinds of projects in CE that range from online services to events. The organization consists completely of MMM students, as the course is compulsory to attend twice. Two of our lecturers act as Course Tutors, and every year we have one or more external consultants, who are music and/or media industry professionals. The CEO, Management Team and Team Leaders are chosen among the advanced students, and the first year MMMs compile the project teams. CE starts right in the beginning of school year, so the new students are welcomed to the bedlam immediately!

Last year I was the Team Leader of Sencity even though I was a first year student. I can say that I have never learned so much in my entire life! The year was full of tears, stress and pain (just to list some), but in the end when Signmark was performing Smells Like Victory, it really did smell like victory. After all, pulling off a major event successfully with a bunch of unexperienced people is pretty amazing.

This year I got the challenge to start leading a brand new project, which is a fashion-related media service. In addition to that, we have an another novel concept under development. Together we have 9 projects: Avalanche (online music marketing service), Big Boom (band / singer-songwriter competition), CE News (reports and documents the CE projects and explores the industry), ExSpo (street culture event), Levels (gaming event), M3 (online-game marketing tool for MMM) and Sencity (music and club event for deaf and hearing people) + the 2 new ones.

By the way, the application period for Big Boom starts soon, so if you have a band or you have piles of lyrics in your nightstand drawer, take part! The instructions can be found on the website.

Go and visit the Campus Entertainment website for more information on CE and its projects. The project introductions should be updated any time soon!

Meanwhile, you can check out the video from last year’s Sencity shot and edited by Ville Viinikainen. Enjoy!

Hopefully you will be around to attend this spring CE events, because I promise you, they are going to be AWESOME!



© H. Kynsijärvi

PS. All the photos in this blog (in MMM related posts) excluding the photo of JAMK are from CE.

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