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This spring is dedicated to my upcoming exchange. First it is the “waiting and recklessly stressing” phase, when I’m  searching for the best exchange places, trying to find out where I can apply and where I could actually be accepted to. At the moment I’ve almost passed that stage, so my stress level is slowly coming down as I have kind of decided where I want to go. Next up is the applying stage, when I have to fill in the application and then again anxiously wait whether JAMK approves. After that it’s waiting once again, this time for a reply from the exchange school: am I good enough for them? Then FINALLY when (hopefully) a “Yes” is received, I’ll start to arrange all the practicalities and hysterically celebrate the fact that I made it. Therefore I’am already apologizing the teachers and basically anyone I’ll bump into this spring: I’m sorry, I might just be thinking of something else.

As MMM is an international degree program, going for exchange is strongly recommended. It’s a great way to make new contacts, open new doors (a lot of “new”) and just to get a wider perspective of both the industry and world in general. At the moment I personally think that MMM could have more direct exchange places, but as new contracts are made every year and because you are allowed to apply to every exchange school JAMK has, there’s something for everyone. We have exchange places in e.g. The Netherlands, France, China, Japan, Canada, UK and the US (NY). The time of the exchange period differs usually from 4 months (1 semester) to 10 months (1 academic year) depending on the receiving institution.

© H. Kynsijärvi

Often the students are going abroad in the third year either for half a year, or then for the entire term. Some leave already in the second spring, so it’s pretty much up to you and your study phase. I’m now leaving for the third year, and I’ve scheduled my studies so that I have enough credits in my pocket when I come back to return to Helsinki for my thesis and practical training (yaiks!).

It is also possible to do your practical training abroad, so internationality is well presented. For example, you could be in exchange for 6 months in the Netherlands, then go to Australia for 6 months, and after that do your practical training in, let’s say, Singapore.

We have a great opportunity here at MMM, as it is possible for us to complete a double degree. It means that if you go to study to the Netherlands (Amsterdam) to our cooperate school for the third year, and then write a thesis that both schools accept, you can graduate from both schools. That might give you additional and beneficial competence in the future.

You can see the internationality here at JAMK, because we have also non-Finnish students in our class. In first and second year students there are e.g. Mexicans, Germans, Austrians, Vietnamese, Bulgarians, Ethiopians and Russians (just to mention a few). So from where ever you are, you’re welcome to join our big family!



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