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© J. Kesti
© J. Kesti

Like I’ve already mentioned, the FM studies have a lot of hands-on-work. Most courses include presentations, and every year we make some sort of projects. This year we, the 3rd year students, are arranging a national Facility Management seminar. Last autumn all tasks were divided between a group of students, and ever since we’ve been working on creating the seminar. Finally the program is getting finalized and all pieces are coming together, but at the same time the list of small details to consider is growing daily. The program is proving to be perfect practice for the field of event management.

Also other FMs have their own projects, and the picture is from the Asian Food Culture Day which was arranged on our campus today.

As the courses have lots of presentations, we don’t have that many exam books to read. And not nearly every course even has exams. For me this is perfect because I learn better from applying the information to use than I would if I spent time alone with a book. The group works also help prepare us to work in multicultural teams, which is most likely what FMs will be doing after graduation.

Since there have been some questions about the entrance exams, I suppose I should explain a little about them. Like it was mentioned in the comments, there are no pre-assignments or materials for the exam. The written exam itself has sections on logical thinking, English and an essay. The essay topics are related to FM, so it’s a good idea to read some materials about the field beforehand. There’s also an interview, usually done in pairs – two applicants and two interviewers. The best advice I can give for the interview is to be yourself. Don’t over practice your answers because then you’ll just get lost if the questions aren’t exactly what you had thought they’d be. 😀

But as today is the first party arranged by our International Club, it’s time for me to say goodbye early. More information will be available again tomorrow.



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