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OK, I know I said (or wrote) that I’d write more about the seminar project today. But as we had an info-session about practical training this morning – and we will have a seminar meeting tomorrow, it feels like a reverse order would make more sense. So today something about the studies and practical training, FM seminar coming tomorrow. 🙂

As I’m nearly finished with my courses – the last compulsory course is now on – it’s time to really think about practical training and my thesis. I want to split my training to two parts, and hopefully go abroad this summer for the first training. And I’m hoping to combine my second training and thesis. Most of FMs make their thesis for a company, and for me it feels like a good option. At least I might get some ideas from the company itself instead of having to come up with it all on my own. At the moment I have a general idea of what I’m interested in and how I would like to do my thesis. Now I just need to look for suitable companies and start contacting them.

© J. Kesti
© J. Kesti

FM students have really good opportunities to go abroad during the studies. And I guess we should have good opportunities since a year abroad is compulsory in the studies. Now when I say compulsory, I mean “compulsory”. Nobody’s forced to go anywhere but it’s highly recommended. And of course it makes sense because we’re studying in an international degree programme. Usually the classes are international on their own – 60 % of my classmates aren’t Finnish, our class consists of 8 nationalities – so we don’t need to go looking for other cultures. Many of them are blending into the Finnish culture, creating a unique study environment. Every year is different as new students bring their own culture to the mix. However, for us that want more international experiences, JAMK provides good contacts around the globe. Exchange studies and practical training abroad both have their own grants, and because of that money shouldn’t be an obstacle for going abroad. All you need is will and bravery.

But as the time is yet again not my friend, it’s time to head to sleep. BTW, in case somebody is worried, the late hours of my posts have nothing to do with the studies, I’m just a night person who has a strong habit to procrastinate. 😀 But I’ll try to post something a little earlier tomorrow. I promise – to try.



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