What to do, what to do?

What is internationality without language skills and international lecturers? Nothing if you ask me. JAMK offers good possibilities for language studies. The wide speck of languages – Finnish (for foreigners), Russian, French, Spanish and Chinese just to name a few – offer something for everyone. Also all the language courses are held in the afternoons to make sure all students can participate. That is to say, you can meet students from other units while learning new languages. The other teaching facilities of Jyväskylä also add their contribution to the range of possible languages.

The FM studies include some compulsory language studies, but in my opinion there could be a lot more. 🙂 All Finnish students need to take one Swedish course – which is a lot less than in the degree programmes conducted in Finnish. And all foreign students are required to take some Finnish. Our language might not be the easiest in the world, but it definitely will help your everyday life if you learn some basics. Most people in Finland understand English, but they might feel a bit too shy to say anything back – but of course this is not the case among students in our degree programmes.

© J. Kesti
© J. Kesti

Jyväskylä also has great free time activity possibilities. The city is known for two things among young people: sports and student life. As every third person in the city is a student, student activities come in great numbers. Many different organizations organize activities, and you can also create your own programs. For example, our Asian students put together a cricket team, and a group of African immigrants offer traditional dance and drum classes. Finding things to do in addition to your studies depends on your own activity, but you will also have tutors here to help you with that.

But what do we actually mean by tutors? That’s something I’ll write more about tomorrow.



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