Precious first steps

In the beginning of your studies, you’re going to have a wide support system helping you around. This especially means student tutors who are older students from your degree programme. The Finnish students (or those living in Finland) will meet their tutors at the entrance exams and again during orientation in the autumn. But the students coming from abroad will get to know at least one tutor during the summer. This is because the tutors will be helping you with the arrival. Coming to a new culture might be difficult, especially if you don’t know anyone, but the tutors are here to help you with the first steps. So if – and hopefully when – you’re accepted to study Facility Management, don’t be surprised when you get an email from a tutor during the summer. 🙂

© J. Kesti
© J. Kesti

To recognize your tutors on your first day, you need to look for a few things around campus. The first step is to look for T-shirts with “TUTOR” written on their back. At the moment the shirts are black but the color might change at some point. The FM tutors might also be wearing blue student overalls, which have a special meaning among Finnish students. The color shows what the person is studying – so all blue JAMK overalls are for students of hospitality management – and most tutors wear them throughout the orientation week. They are also usually worn in student events.

Even though the tutors will be there helping you around, it’s still really important that you are active, and take part in events. Even more important is approaching people from different cultures. If you stay with students who all come from your own country, you will end up with nothing new. So do yourself a favor, and spend as much time as you can with people from other cultures. Spending time with people from your own country and background would definitely be easier but you gain nothing from it. With a little work you can truly become international, even if it does take a little time to get used to new methods and habits. But believe me, it’s definitely worth it.

As it’s again –strangely – getting late, it’s time for me to stop writing. But I’ll be back tomorrow. 🙂



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