What’s next?

Soon my time at JAMK will be over. After about one year I should be heading out to the real world, and into the irregular hours of event planning. I can still remember my first day clearly and it’s hard to believe so much time has passed since then. The FM studies have offered so much knowledge and I’m eager to get to use them in practice, but it still feels like a scary thought.

© J. Kesti
© J. Kesti

The possibilities for Facility Managers are wide and versatile. I guess the first decision I have to make is whether I want to work in Finland or somewhere abroad. Having studied 6 languages in addition to Finnish, I’m not restricted to just a few countries, and the international education also opens the world for me. After spending a few years in a multicultural group I feel more ready to work with people from different backgrounds. Understanding different working methods has become easier and adapting myself to new situations doesn’t take as long as it used to.


As I’ve spent time on studying tourism and hotel management, I don’t want to completely forget them after graduation. And I also like the international side of the hotel industry. At the moment I’m playing with the thought of combining event planning and hotel business, so a conference hotel could be a perfect place for me. Or perhaps I could work in the conference services of cruise ship somewhere far away from Finland – in other words, somewhere warm. Obviously my future is still a bit unclear, but luckily I still have time to think about the bits and pieces. In the meantime, while applying for practical training, I can fantasize about what awaits me in the real world.

It has been great sharing my thoughts and experiences with you this week. If any questions come up, please feel free to email me at johanna.kesti.mfa@jamk.fi. I’ve already received some questions during this week, but more are always welcome.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope to see many of you this spring at the entrance exams and next autumn on campus!



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