IB #5: I heart IB.

Hei you again! So far we have gone through different elements of the big HOW question about the pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business at JAMK. During the week I have got to know more wonderings from some people reading this blog. Now probably is the time for us to tackle them together.

1.     What is the entrance exam like?

© A. Selezneva
© A. Selezneva

You can find the general information about entrance exam (countries where the exam is gonna be hold in, the date, etc) at www.jamk.fi/english/education/howtoapply/entranceexaminations/internationalbusiness and www.admissions.fi . There are three parts out of the exam:

–        Mathematics/Logic with multiple-choice questions at high school level

–        Pre-reading Materials part: You need to read carefully the materials (e-books, articles, journals) JAMK publishes in the official webpage before the exam. Topics of these materials are varied during the course of time. There are multiple-choice and essay questions asking about the knowledge provided by these.

–        Interview: It depends on the countries and the years that the interview part is different. You may have written or face-to-face interviews to perform your general understanding about business/ enterprises/ management as well as your motivation and interest in getting the degree in Jyväskylä. In-face interviews may be conducted individually or in group.

Do not be overly alarmed by the statistical fact “First-choice applicants / Annual intake 2010: 526/50” stated at JAMK’s website. IB entrance exam will be a piece of cake once you have spent enough time and efforts to study pre-reading materials + get to know Mathematics questions thoroughly, and equipped yourself with sound goals for your future study at JAMK. Questions of previous JAMK’s entrance exams are available from various student forum sites in the Internet if you want to practice more.

2.     How are the school facilities?

© S. Wu
© S. Wu

The facilities of Finnish universities are just awesome. Classrooms, computers, cafeteria and all others are in very good conditions. If you have any problem, the staff is always available for help. You can also borrow books from the school library instead of buying your own books. By the way, library services in Finland can be of a definite pleasant for you if you are a passionate reader. Due to the profound reading tradition of Finnish, there are mountains of good books can be found in the libraries (of JAMK University of Applied Sciences, University of Jyväskylä, the City of Jyväskylä) and you do not need to pay anything for membership. Just come registering and read as much as you want.

3.     How varied is the range of age of IB-ers?

© S. Wu
© S. Wu

16 – 32.

4.     How many credits I can get beside 210 required credits of the degree?

There is no limit for your study at JAMK. As stated before, once being JAMK’s student, you can pick up as many courses as you wish with no additional fees at all. Your course choices can be from different faculties, not only IB.

5.     How is the life in Jyväskylä?

© A. Le
© A. Le

Jyväskylä is a worth living place. The city is pretty small with approximately 130 000 people, but all necessary facilities are in reach. Located in the Central Finland, you travel conveniently to anywhere of the country. Besides, Jyväskylä is regarded as a dynamic city in which more than half of the population is young students from different parts of Finland, down to the reason that the schools in Jyväskylä are known to be at the highest standard of Finnish education.

6.     Winter in Finland is crazy, isn’t it?

Winter here goes disastrous only when you do not dress properly and do not have anything to do. You can always warm up your winter with a bunch of activities: go skiing/ skating, watch ice-hockey games, visit Finnish host families, enjoy parties, go reading in high-quality libraries and so on. My first winter holiday was spent on the visit to several European nations because it is not that often for me as a non-European citizen to travel in Europe without any additional paper work;

then I spent my second winter vacation with some Finnish families in Jyväskylä which was such an unforgettably warm time.

7.     Are you satisfied with your study at JAMK IB?

I found this question from my e-mail box this morning, and it took no second for me to have one and only answer: Yes, I am. I heart IB, I heart JAMK and I heart Finland.One of the most meaningful times of my life has been spent here at JAMK when both professional and personal life of mine has been enriched lots. Honestly I was not really convinced by the former slogan of JAMK saying that the time being a JAMK-er is “The best time of your life”, because I believe that studying at JAMK IB is only the beginning and concrete foundation for the best time of my life later when I can fulfill all of my dreams; or to say like this year: “Your future starts here”. 😉

© T. Surugiu
© T. Surugiu

Okay.. thank you guys (and girls) for following my IB stories! I do not want to say “goodbye” to you, not because I am afraid of saying it in 30 languages =P but we do hope to see you again next fall and contribute more cool IB tales with us!

~ Kathy

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