Nursing-the branch of (almost) endless possibilities

What is nursing?

Anatomy, ethics, pharmacology, health promotion, practical training, anesthesiology, drug calculation..
Here are only few examples about the themes that the nursing studies include. During this week I will do my very best in introducing you how it is to study in the Degree Programme in Nursing in JAMK University of Applied Sciences!

But first I will introduce myself. My name is Sanni Räsänen and I’m a second year nursing student. I have been interested in nursing all my life and when I heard that one can study Nursing in English in Jyväskylä, I became interested. I thought that it would be useful for me to study in English, because I have plans to work abroad in the future. Good language skills are an advantage when applying for job in Finland, too. When I heard that I got in, I was thrilled! They took only 15 students in the year that I applied, so I felt lucky for a good reason.

Of course you want to know  what nursing actually is. The answer isn’t simple, because nursing is various things. Most of all it’s helping people, educating them, working in different kinds of environments with different kinds of people.
The versatility is something that fascinates me. We as future nurses have possibilities to work in all kinds of environments, including hospitals, health care centers, home care, nurse’s appointment, the list goes on and on. And it’s not just where we work, it’s also what we do! So many possibilities to choose from there too. I will tell more specifically about the nurse’s work in the near future.

Nurses need many abilities and some of them one can learn in school, others in practical training, but something that every nursing student must have in my opinion, is pure will to help others. That and bunch of other skills will help us in becoming super nurses! And the best part is that you ALWAYS will find a job! Not necessarily the one that you’ve always dreamed of in the very beginning, but something is always available these days.

Right now I’m accomplishing my first practical training this year, and I just came home from the evening shift. I have only 2 days left of this one, and next Monday starts the second practical training on another ward. So you can imagine that I’m a bit exhausted at the moment (but happy and eager to learn more!), better to continue tomorrow.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me: I’m glad if I can help you 🙂

Hyvää yötä (=good night) and let’s continue tomorrow!



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  2. Hello,I was very happy when I saw your blog because I feel you will be able to provide acurate and precise answer/response to my question/enqury. I wish to study Nursing in Finland? But my worry and fear is this:How do students survive financially in Finland? Can students work for few hours during the week in Finland just to get financial support for survival? when can a student start working?
    thank you in anticipation of prompt response.


  3. i am an international student from ghana,what are my chances of getting admission to study na degree nursing.thank you…

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