Something about our school

Location and premises

Okay, so now I’ll tell you more about the premises that our school has. Up until today, our campus has been located right next to the Jyväskylä central hospital, and across the street is one of the local health care centers. But there are some changes coming, because our campus will move next to the main campus in the city center in July 2011. So you will start your nursing education in a brand new environment! I don’t now for sure that what all kinds of cool stuff the new building has to offer to us, but I’ll bet it will be an awesome place to study. In our current school we have a pool, sauna and a gym downstairs, which are free for us students to use whenever they are not booked. Upstairs we have several large classrooms which are equipped with hospital stuff like hospital beds, all kinds of things from stethoscopes to blastic, human sized dolls, which are used in practicing for example CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and wound care.

A rough construction of the studies

The nursing education in JAMK consists of 210 credits. During the first year we learn the basics of nursing, ethics, anatomy, pharmacology, which has everything to do with medications and their affects in the human body, and lots and lots of other things. In skill labs, which are the lessons during which we learn the theory in practice, we get to do all kinds of cool stuff already during the first year. For example we learned to take blood tests, to cannulate, to give different kind of injections, to monitor patients,Sanni cannulating to catheterize, just to mention some. Personally these are the lessons that I look forward the most during the week, because in practice you really learn the theory.

During the first year we also had our first practical training, the basic one among the elderly. In this one we got to do things that some people may find disgusting, like changing diapers. I think that some people make too hasty decisions, if they decide to end the school after the first practice. There are so many options for us where to work that you should be patient and wait to see how the other practices feel like. I enjoyed the first practical training a lot, because I learned so much new. You just need to remember to be active yourself and go into new situations open minded.

The first year was quite hectic at least for me, because we had so much new stuff coming all the time, lots of exams, lectures and presentations.

During the second year we deepen our knowledge about this all and study different subjects, like operative nursing, internal medicine, surgical and gynaecological nursing, anesthesiology and all kinds of stuff. We also perform 2 practical trainings.

The third year we accomplish several practical trainings and start to write our bachelor’s thesis. And lots of studying all the time 🙂

I hope I haven’t scared you with my talk about the amount of studying we do, because we do a lot more than just sit in the classroom and listen to lectures. But about this I will tell you more tomorrow!

Now I go skiing and prepare myself for tomorrow’s evaluation discussion with the mentors of my practice.

Huomiseen! (= until tomorrow)


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  1. Hello Sanni!
    As your teacher it gives me happy feelings to read your writings! It is noce that you enjoy your studies and it seems that you have found your place among all the occupations. I hope your example and stories help someone else to find their career as well!

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