Exiting times..

Guess where I am! I’ll tell you: I’m in the train on my way to Helsinki, I will go to a job interview! I applied a summer job from Espoo (a city close to Helsinki), and they invited me to a job interview. The job would be a practical nurse’s job in a big hospital. Let’s see what happens, thumbs up!

Being international

The most obvious sign of internationality is the variety of nationalities that we have on our courses. We have students for example from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Nepal, Russia, China and so on. Thus, different languages, cultures and skin colours make our everyday life rich and diverse. Things that combine us students despite the background are English which we use in studing and the will to become great nurses in the future! Even though there are also many Finnish students studying in the Degree Programme in Nursing, we make multicultural group work and use English during the lessons all the time. Of course we Finns do our best in teaching our foreign collegues Finnish 🙂

It has been a great experience for me to learn about the different cultures and learn how the health care services are arranged in different countries. We have tried to arrange meetings and gettogethers among our group. The foreign students have seen the Finnish way of life, but I personally would still like to learn more about how things are done elsewhere in the world. I guess it leaves me no other option but to go and visit there myself.

In our group there are different aged students. Some are just little over 20, others nearly 40. And both genders are strongly presented. We get along well and do our best in supporting each others despite the busy lives that everyone has. Some of us work during the studies. It’s possible to combine those two, but of course it takes time and effort. After one year of studies one has possibility to work as a practical nurse. Then when one has gathered 140 credits, it gives one the possibility to work as a registered nuse, even though one hasn’t yet graduated. If I remember right, those students who work with the registered nurse – title, get approximately minus 10-15% of the gratuated nurse’s salary.

© Sanni Räsänen
© Sanni Räsänen

The entrance exam

Now I realized that I haven’t said anything about the entrance exam yet! I still remember when I got the invitation. I was so exited and at the same time a bit scared, because I hadn’t been in that kind of situation before. I travelled to Jyväskylä one day before the exam day. I didn’t know anybody from Jyväskylä, so I had to stay in a hostel. I had visited Jyväskylä only once before, so you can imagine that I didn’t have the foggiest idea of where the school or any other place existed. Luckily I had printed a map from the Internet and by using that and asking from the locals, I managed to find my way from the hostel to the school, where the exam was kept. I walked there already on the previous day to see that how long time it took me to get there. Then, on the day of the exam, I woke up early to get everything ready and I want so nerves that I ended up being 30 minutes too early there. The exam was kept in a large classroom. There were about 20 questions to answer, like why would you be good nurse and what do you know about nursing. We also had to read an essay and then write a summary of it. Then there was a small mathematic test which had to be done without calculators. Some of us had to go to a language test, but those who already had proved somehow their English skills, didn’t have to take part to that. And that was it! I felt so relieved after the exam; it wasn’t as hard as had thought 🙂

I suggest that if you have any interest in studying nursing, you definitely should give it a shot! You have nothing to loose. And if you are as lucky as I was, you will get in and make your dreams come true.

I will finnish my part of the blog writing tomorrow, we’ll see what comes to my mind then. But now I try my best to relax and concentrate on the coming challenge. I will let you know how it went tomorrow..


PS. The picture is from a cruise organiced by our student organization that we took part, the theme was movies. I just love those elf ears!

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  1. hey l have read your blog and it is soo interesting l have been invited for the entrance exams and am really shaking what should l do??

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