The big mystery of the future

So, I went to the job interview yesterday. I really hope that it was worth going, because the train that I took home was one hour late. I left home 06.45 a.m and was home 9.15 p.m. The Italian made Pendolinos really aren’t suitable for the Finnish winter conditions… But I have good feeling about the interview, I’ll hear the results in March. The thing is that there are so many appliers to those places.. But I’ll hope for the best. Some job I will find that’s for sure, because I’m so early on the go.

Aims and dreams

I have tried my best to tell you holistically about the nursing studies. I hope I haven’t missed any vital point.. But now I wanted to share some of my work-related future dreams with you.

If everything goes as planned, I will graduate in December 2012. Then I will be a registered nurse, I have the nurse’s responsibility and all the pros and cons that come along with it. I haven’t yet experienced all the practical trainings that belong to our studies, so it’s kind of hard to say yet that what would interest me the most. One thing I know for sure is that I want to help other people, that’s why I chose nursing in the first place. Whether it’s among children or elderly,in a hospital or in home care, that dream will be achieved.

© Sanni Räsänen
© Sanni Räsänen

I also want to try working abroad. Maybe months, maybe years, but at some point I definitely will try my wings outside Finland, maybe even outside Europe! The nursing education that we get in Finland is considered sufficient in many countries in Europe, also in Africa and Asia. In the USA some exams need to be passed before one is allowed to work as a registered nurse there,but that won’t stop me from going where i want to go. Wouldn’t it be just awesome to work as a nurse in let’s say, Canada or Australia? YES,it would! It might sound like a cliché, but I think that if you want something very much and are ready to work to get it, it’s possible. Only the sky is the limit!

Something that I also might find interesting is working for the Finnish Red Cross. In case some catastrophe happens, like tsunami or earth quake, they have a group that can go to the place in a short notice. They go by plane and they have a whole hospital including all the needed equipment packed with them. There are doctors, surgeons and nurses who work closely together with the local health care professionals. The also go to war places to help the injured people. For example they went to Haiti when the earth quake happened, spent there half a year helping the people and then came home. It would be tough both mentally and physically, but still rewarding. We’ll see what the future brings..

Tomorrow I will finish my part of the blog, hope you have liked it so far!


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