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My blogging period has come to its end, it’s time to throw the ball to the next blogger who will introduce you Logistics. But before I finish, I want to give you some tips on how to survive in the study world.

First, be open minded. At some point you will run into situations which might feel uncomfortable and surprising. When working among people of all ages, both genders and all kind of backgrounds, basically anything might happen. But don’t hesitate, just stay calm and try to figure the thing out. And ask for help! Sometimes it might feel weird to ask for help but trust me, better to ask that do mistakes. We student’s aren’t supposed to know EVERYTHING, even the graduated nurses don’t know. So don’t be shy to ask, it just shows that you are smart, not the contrary.

© Sanni Räsänen
© Sanni Räsänen

Create a social network. It will support you and help you when you feel blue. So be brave and take part to the events and happenings whenever you have the change and you feel like it.

Do the assignments on time. Don’t wait that the teachers come to remind you of the deadlines, that’s something you have responsibility of remembering. Write down the deadlines and don’t leave the writing the assignments to the previous night.

Try not to stress.I know that I’m the last person to give an advice like that because I always stress about every possible thing. But that doesn’t do any good. You need to find some stress releasing methods that work for you. And believe me, things tend to sort out somehow, even if you don’t always give your all. Sometimes you need to know how to prioritize.

And last but not the least, enjoy the study time. Some people say the studying time is the best time of your life. So try to make the most of it. Life shouldn’t be too serious, so remember to do things that you like, alone or with your friends.

These were few tips for you who might consider the career of a nurse as your future profession. If you think that that’s what you would want, go for it! I hope I managed to give you some idea of what studying nursing in JAMK is. Thank you for now, stay toned!


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