It´s not just Logistics…It is Logistics engineering!!!

Logistics LaboratoryI am going to use this golden opportunity to tell you about the study of Logistics engineering at JAMK university of applied sciences. I am Akangbe oluwaseun, a first year student of Logistics engineering.

Let me introduce you to what we do,Simply put we are involved in the process of planning,implementing and controlling efficiently the material flow ,information flow, and money flow in industries. This responsibilities makes us a very important  part of all industries. We aim to have the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place for the right price in the right condition to the right customer.

The study of logistics engineering at JAMK focuses on three major areas of specialization. They are Logistics support,Logistics management and Logistics operations. I promise to talk more on these as time goes on.

When I first applied to study engineering  in finland,my first plan was to study the ” TRADITIONAL engineering”  such as electrical engineering or Mechanical engineering but i found myself studying a course that is very practical and uses engineering methods in solving problems. Already as part of the program of Logistics engineering,by the end of my very first year i would have studied technical drawing and Computer aided design(CAD),Systems engineering, Electrical Engineering,Production technology, Maintenance operations, ICT,Material handling, Warehousing operations. The beauty of it all is that,armed with this skills and competence i am ready for practical training in the summer where i would learn more from companies. Which is a kind of introduction to working life for me.So Future Logistics engineering student by the time you are through with your 4 years of studies here you would have gained enough skills and competence to survive in the competitive world out there. Remember this TO KNOW AND NOT TO DO IS NOT TO KNOW.

PLS feel free to ask questions/or write a comment. I would be glad to reply you. In my next blog i would talk more about daily life as a Logistics engineering student at JAMK.


  1. hi akangbe i am very happy for the introduction you give on logistics engineering.please can you tell me about how you were able to secure accomodation and the cost of living in jamk, also can you tell me about the kinds of books you were advised to purchase? i just applied to jamk and i am sure i will be taking the entrance exam in ghana but i want to know how it is like out there at jamk, are u allowed to work after the end of second semester?
    thank you.

  2. I was a student in logistics management program. I never read a text about logistics engineering. According to what you say, it’s just the different terminology. The concept is pretty much the same.

  3. I studied mechanical engineering and my interest is to do msc in logistics eng.I’ from Nigeria and my questions are what is their tuition like?can i apply for September 2011.Is there finish embassy in Nigeria?

  4. How do students survive financially in Finland? Can students work for few hours during the week in Finland just to get financial support for survival? when can a student start working?
    thank you in anticipation of prompt response.


  5. It is possible to combine your studies with working part time. This is very practical way.

  6. There is a finnish embassy in Abuja. There is currently no tuition fee for Bachelors degree program in Logistics engineering.

  7. It is totally different. It is more of analysis than Management. We stuudy 30 credits of core engineering courses. We analyse logistics with science too, we know a lot about fuel, harzardous waste logistics because we study chemistry in the program. Like i said IT IS REALLY LOGISTICS ENGINEERING.

  8. Your experience of studying in JAMK university is very useful for the people, and if possible please share a term of “technical drawing and Computer aided design(CAD)” to the public , I’m lack of those skill. Thank you very much

  9. Technical drawing and CAD is just the very basis of engineering courses. It is just part of the engineering courses thats prepares you for AUTOMATION ENGINEERING which you would be studying in the third year of Logistics engineering program.

  10. So my comment is more regarding the entrance to the program. What preparation can be needed for the entrance exam? What level of math/chem/physics will be encountered in it? thanks

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