Life as a student of LOGISTICS ENGINEERING!!!



Today school began at 8:30 AM  for me with CALCULUS, earlier on FRIDAY we have been solving some calculus problems at the computer room. SO today the Maths teacher brought a very practical problem in Logistics for us to analyze….Well….lets me share the question with you

A paint company has a steady annual demand for 24,500 cans of automobile primer. The comptroller of the company says that it cost $2 to store one can of primer for 1 year and $500 to set up the plant for a single production batch (any number of cans may be produced in a single batch). Find the number of cans of primer that should be produced in each batch, as well as the number of production batches per year, in order to minimize the total production and storage cost.

And that is how all of our courses are designed here,even courses Maths,physics and chemistry that we study here in the begining  of our studies all focus on solving Logistics problems.

I would like to tell you a little about my class, we are a group of 21 student representing Europe,Africa and Asia. The beauty of this is that we all have different culture and background that reflects in our studies and even sport. While the Finns among us enjoy floorball and ice hockey,the Africans are passionate about football…Despite this differences we have something all love and enjoy together PARTY!!!

Many of my clalogistics engineering student ssmate are intrested in studying a foreign Language to widen their scope and to increase  their international knowledge. I am already studying Finnish 2 and i would definetely study French in my second year,but i still have not decided what language to study after that,it could be Chinese or German. Well it very much depends on the trend in this  mordern world,if the chinese keep spreading there influence and technology then i would definetely study Chinese,after all  i dont want to be left behind.


  1. i am Daniel from Ethiopia, i was accepted as a student of logistic engineering in jyvaskyla university applied science in 2008 even if i can not attend my education due to financial problems,but my friends which are in jyvaskyla university told me it is one of the best university in the world, the education system,the teachers, the infrastructure of the university is best beyond imagination,finally what i want to say to the administration,to the teachers,to the students,to all the persons involved in the university keep it up in the good work what you have achieved until now.

  2. @Daniel. Your friend has been to many universities around the world has he?

  3. Hi,
    I will be studying in Jyvaskyla as from next september and I feel very exited about this new environment and climate.
    Therefore I am looking for friends who could welcome me for my first days and may be help me to find a shelter. If you can be of any help, please type me at
    Thanks a lot and see you guys soon in Suomi !!

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