Methods of studies here

Most learning activities take place in the classrooms, but sometimes we do very intresting things outside of the classrooms. E.g Today is the day i submit my report of the last tuesday´s company visit. This company excursion is not a rare thing for us in Logistics engineering. We have travelled down to helsinki to visit the Logistics warehouse of an international Air company. It was a lot of fun travelling with my classmate and with other exchange student since it took us the whole day. It was also a big chance for us to see how  sophiscated and different the  warehouse of Aircraft part is when compared to other warehouse operations. This is particularly intresting for us who will study under Logistics support (Aircraft and Aviation operation).

Studies also take place through group work, this is a particularly  good experience since complex project is solved only through team works. In a team work you can always inject your own ideas and creativity into the work and also learn from others in your team. During our System engineering class i was in a team of five student( representing 3Finns, a Nigerian and a Nepalese). We together analysed  the methods used in Systems engineering focusing on a process called S.I.M.I.L.A.R process.

We also have visiting lecturers coming  to give us lectures. The email i recieved  says we have

Hello TEL10S students,

As you may know we will have a visitor and specialist Dr. Jon Helmick coming from US Merchant Marine Academy. He will give intensive lectures on week 10, from Monday to Thursday at 9.00-13.15.
Attached you have the schedule.  All other lessons a will be cancelled at this time because participating Helmick’s intensive is compulsory in TEL10S programme.  Also there will be a group of Finnish students (class TLO9S) with you.

Helmick’s lessons and group work is a part of course Transportation 1, which course you will have on next autumn. So in this case  you are going to study and work a part of the course in advance for next semester and correspondingly the Transportation 1 course will then be a little bit shorter.

You can be sure we are all looking forward to meet our visiting lecturer.

Laboratory works in our Logistics lab and in physics lab is also another method  of  learning, Learning through virtual studies is also another method of learning in our degree program.

I hope to see you here next autumn.

Tommorrow i will reveal more about Logistics engineering and maybe about our entrance exams.

Remember here is the sure place where you can gain skills and competences to make you achieve your dreams.

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