Living here with us!!!

Living and studying in a foreign country is a different kind of exprience,which is both challenging and fun. Life in finland is especially intresting since it is another new culture entirely. So you are coming here to enjoy a lot from finland,it food,song,language and sauna. For finns who will start studying Logistics engineering next autumn, I can assure you that your Language skills and communication skills would be very better as you go on in your studies. This you would notice within few months of study, especially in your english you would become really fluent and you may even start speaking better than the international student.

The city of Jyväskylä is full of young people thus i would say it´s full of life. Jyväskylä is a city that thrives on education this makes unique among all other Finnish cities. It is very modern and like it is said it is not too big and not too small, i will say it is just perfect.jamk-pic6 It has all the mordern facilities of a big city maybe even more and have the serenity and peace of a small town.

At JAMK we have a very intresting student union JAMKO which organises social event and sporting activities. With a membership card from JAMKO it is possible to get discounts from goods and services. Example is special lower student price for train ticket.

Winter is very healthy and interesting,with so many opportunities for amazing sports(ice hockey,ice skating,sledding,snow boarding and even snow fighting.

As part of the the program of Logistics engineering you can decide to increase your internationality by applying for an exchange period with another school abroad(Asia,Australia,Africa,The Americas). Most student do this in the third year of their studies, I plan to do this in my third year and i would like to study in an eastern Asian country(South korea ,china or Japan).Special Grants are given by the school to support student for doing their exchange abroad.

Next i would conclude my blog with some info about the entrance exam and admissions.


  1. wow! what a nice school….. i can’t wait to be part of the happy and wonderful student of this school….. i hope i will enjoy my stay and aquire more knowledge to make me fulfilled in life

  2. That sounds great!,God willing i will be part of that happy family in that serene atmosphere. Make good use of the opportunities!!. Best regards.

  3. wow.its such an awesome blog about this unique univerity.thank you so much..I am waiting for your next blog about the entrance exam might apply this

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