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My name is Irina, I am studying International Business and it is my first post in Student’s Diary Blog!

A bit later I am going to tell you how it feels to study business at JAMK and who we are – JAMK’s business students! And since you are dealing with a student of business I also will tell you about entrepreneurial opportunities in Finland and Jyväskylä. And this time I am going to share some impressions of mine from studying and living in Jyväskylä.

Most probably you have already heard that some freaks from the 2nd world biggest magazine Newsweek sincerely consider Finland the best country in the world! I will tell you a big secret, please do not tell anyone: it is true!!! And the best place to live and study in Finland is Jyväskylä! Judge yourself:

  • There are 130 thousand people living in Jyväskylä and every third of them is a student! Hence! The atmosphere in the city is absolutely unique! There are number of students organizations, plenty of students parties, picnics, sport competitions and events, students movie nights, students performances, and a row of nightclubs! Students from different study tracks have overalls of different colors and you definitely wanna see the city streets during big students’ events! They are of all rainbow colors!

IB goes to Tursajaiset

  • If you want to travel around Finland during your studies, Jyväskylä is a right place for you. Transportation system is highly developed here, you can chose a plane, a train, a bus or a ship for travelling. In most Finnish trains you can enjoy free of charge WiFi connection.
  • I have already said that there are many students in Jyväskylä, but I didn’t say yet that they came from all over the world! I met here Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Italians, Greeks, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indians, Bulgarians, Poles, French, Czechs, British, Dutch, Kenyan, Spanish, Mexicans, Latvians, Hungarian, a guy from the USA, a guy from Canada, a guy from Nepal, and a girl from Australia. Teachers are also from different countries or had working experience abroad. During this semester besides Finnish teachers we had 2 Americans, one Pole and one German. According to JAMK’s International office data, 300 members of JAMK personnel spent a period of work abroad in 2010. Students are also encouraged to be international. Studying or internship period abroad is warmly welcomed and you are free to choose among JAMK’s 300 international partners in more than 50 countries on 6 continents.

    Enjoying Chinese food!

    • People in Jyväskylä are so lucky, they live in a city with highly developed infrastructure and in the forest at the same time. I live in Keltinmäki, when I look out the window I can see trees and a squirrel, busy with some very important things, if I cross the road I can feed the ducks in the pond or pick mushrooms or blueberries among the pine-trees, while cycling to school I go pass another pond with a fountain in the middle of it. One night I saw a hare and a hedgehog in a park in the city center! Jyväskylä is surrounded by lakes; hardly you can find a place here which would be far than 1 km from water.

      @Petr Michalek
    • Fans of sports! You are warmly welcomed to Jyväskylä! There is infinitive quantity of possibilities for you! Especially outdoor sports and activities are in favour here. Runners have their annual Finlandia marathon; skiers – hundreds of kilometers of cross country ski-tracks and downhill ski centre in Laajavuori; lakes are becoming skating-rings in winter; every summer Jyväskylä hosts a stage of World Rally Championship – Neste Oil Rally Finland. JAMK students’ sport club KOOLS offers different opportunities for team games and there is a gym in a main campus of JAMK, free of charge for students. Popular sports in Jyväskylä: cross country and downhill ski, ski jumping, ice-hockey, soccer, American football, floorball, golf, running, skating, Scandinavian walking, roller-skating, cycling and mountain biking, dancing of different styles, swimming, and of course rally and motorcycle racings! 
    • This city is just perfect for cycling! If you like cycling, Jyväskylä is a paradise for you, if have never had a bike probably you will have your first one here! Because it is such a pleasure to feel wind in your face riding down the hill, listen to birds and enjoy fresh air! And it is usually the fastest way to get to school! Yo
      u can find equipped parking places for bicycles and cycle tracks everywhere, and Finns do not think that winter is a sufficient reason to stop cycling! By the way winter tyres for bicycles were invented in Finland!
    @Petr Michalek
    • Students’ housing organization (KOAS) is supported by the city government, students have their houses all around the city. The price is reasonable and the quality is excellent. All students’ places have common sauna, laundry room, storage places for bicycles and for students’ stuff, barbeque places outside, and common rooms for parties or just some free time activities. The cheapest option is shared apartments, where you will have your own room; and a kitchen and a bathroom shared with one or two other students.

      • And there is absolutely everything what you need for studying. Internet connection is available everywhere in school’s campuses and KOAS apartments, libraries’ service is free of charge for everyone, all the students have an access to internet-based studying interface where they can find all the lectures, assignments, schedule for a half a year beforehand, their personal results and other relevant studying information. Canteens are in every studying campus, lunches cost 2,5 Euros with a student card, which is a really nice price for a buffet table. 

      As for me I am truly happy that I came studying here, and there were no single day during this half a year that I felt sorry about that. I got friends from all over the world, I just love studying at JAMK and living in Jyväskylä!

      Next week I will tell more about studies and you can give me a hint what is the most interesting and topical for you! I promise to answer everyone! 🙂

      And my dear mates feel free to comment too 😉


      Here there are some web-pages where you can find more information: – students’ housing organization in Jyväskylä, you can have a look at the accommodation prices, available services, and check out the locations. – sport club of JAMK’s students –  a students’ union of JAMK

      All those sites have also pages in Facebook. – official site of Jyväskylä


      1. Very nice and truthful description about life in Jyväskylä 🙂

      2. Great stuff! Great blog and great post! Nicely done Irina!

      3. Ira….it is absulutly great blog…I have enjoed reading it.When I read it I had flashed memories about all the things we have done and experienced.

      4. I absolutely agree everything you said.JKL is the best place in the world

      5. Thanks a lot Matti, Xingxing, Alison, Tanja and Jaanika! I love this place and this school indeed and I will be happy if more good people will fall in love with it too 🙂

      6. I really enjoy reading you description, I have admitted both in University of Jyvaskyla and University of Helsinki and I really do not know which one to choose, besides I have grant in University of Jyvaskyla but no grants in UH, do you have any idea for my situation?
        Thank you 🙂

      7. Hi Ira,

        I am a future student coming to Jyvaskyla and i just read your blog, great job!!!! i am happy that i got a chance to go there!!!!

      8. Hey!

        I’m a prospective student from the UK. I’m just curious about accommodation! What is the best option? Are they private flats or which option is the best if you were advising new students? 🙂


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