Ethics and Values in Nursing-basic definitions

People develop ethically just as they do physically, emotionally and spiritually. A nurse´s ethics grow from personal values. A nurse guided by an ethic of care  will be sympathetic and able to take action on behalf of another. Professional nurses have a commitment to clients, the profession and society to provide  high-quality health care. To understand the nature of nursing ethics begins with the concept of professionalism

To be professional:  to acquire specific skills and then agree to practice those skills in accordance with standards that a community of practitioners agrees to uphold.

Ethics: refers to study of philosophical ideals of right and wrong behaviour.

Value: personal belief about the worth of a given  idea, attitude, custom, or object that sets standards and influence behavior.

Moral: a judgement about behavior

Bioethics: the study of ethics within the field of healht care.

Code of Ethics: a set of ethical principles that are generally accepted by all members of a profession.

The code of ethics gives ethical guidance and establishes norms of  behavior. Codes also serves as guidelines to assist nurses when conflict or disagreement arises about  correct practice or behavior.

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