International Business Students

We are different. We can speak different languages, we are of different age, different culture, and different experience. We contribute

to each other and learn from each other.

We are good communicators: we communicate to about 45 other students from our group every day. We are good speakers and performers: we make presentations in front of half hundred people at least every second week. We are good sellers: three students sold more than 60 brochures at KiVi event.

We are proactive. Some of us run their business while studying at JAMK, some do international working projects, many are participating in different students’ organizations, and we also have our classmate elected for JAMKO board.

We are curious: more than a half of International Business students have an exchange period abroad during their studies at JAMK.

Active students always have more fun. I can just shortly list the activities in which my friends and me took part during this autumn:

  • IDIS-competition /  Competitions among students teams about creating new ideas, which took 3 days, during which we were living in nice cottages in golf resort not far from Jyvaskyla, and had all meals and sauna included.  The tasks were set by the City of Jyvaskyla and Luotsi, non commercial organization supporting entrepreneurship in Central Finland. The award for a winner team was 800 EUR.
  • AIESEC / the world biggest students run organization which is targeted to make this planet more open-minded
  • JAMK Ambassadors / the program of promoting JAMK abroad
  • Lingua Café / the traditional Erasmus event, where you can speak different languages over a cup of tea
  • Feel Finnish habits evenings / every second week meetings, where you can find out and experience Finnish culture
  • Family Friend program / program of JAMK for foreign students to let them feel Finnish way of living inside a family
  • KiVi event
  • Protomo Open Doors Day / Protomo works like business incubator for startups, provides help, place and a fund for developing startups
  • Business Incubator Wednesdays / consultations and help for students of JAMK interested in entrepreneurship

I will not list all the parties and entertainments we are having here, it will take too much place, just believe me: that there are plenty of them.

See you next time, it will be post devoted to entrepreneurship in Finland and in Jyväskylä and at JAMK in particular.


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