Why be a nurse

Because  is a great profession, very much in demand today. Because is a rewarding  job- there are few jobs out there that are as rewarding as being a nurse. Each day you will have a lasting impact on patients’ lives, and you might have the opportunity to save someone’s life. There is no reward greater than that.

As a nurse, you can take your skills wherever you want to go, around a country or around the world.

Nurses have job security: nurses have one of  the most secure jobs you can have. While a factory worker might get laid off, hospitals can’t afford to fire nurses.  There will always be sick and diseased people in the world and the job can’t be sent off-shore.

As a nurse you can have variety: hospital, clinics,home care, community and public health agencies,independent practice,ambulatory care centers, Public Health Service, military services (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines),Veteran’s Administration Medical Centers,extended care centers,clinics,offices,schools,corporations,health-related industries, hospice,occupational settings and health and wellness center. Anywhere that people need health care services

As a nurse you can have flexible schedule: if you want to avoid the typical 8 hours workday  nursing provides very flexible schedules.  If you want to work in shifts, hospitals need nurses 24/7.

Nurse job opportunities are expanding  all the time; physicians are spending less and less time with the patients resulting with a bigger role for nurses. Nurses are now providing more direct care to patients than ever.

Nursing serves as a platform- if you want to become a doctor  nursing serve as a great stepping stone for your medical career. Having a nursing background will look great on resumes and help you find a job much easier.

As a nurse you can have great income.

So there are plenty of reasons to become a nurse.  If you think you’d love it, jump in… don’t let any obstacles stand in your way.  Nursing is hard work though.  You need to be giving 100% of the time.  You often don’t get credit for healthcare successes.  But you help people.  You touch souls and change lives.  Why not jump on in and make a difference?


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