Business opportunities in Finland, in Jyväskylä and at JAMK

Finland is an entrepreneur friendly country. To raise the level of entrepreneurship is a target stated by the government. And Finns are doing it thoroughly as they do everything else. There is even competition between noncommercial organizations and programs which are targeted to help entrepreneurs to startup or develop their business at the early stages. I will specify some interesting opportunities for entry-level entrepreneurs and you are surely free to choose what you like.

For those students who are interested in entrepreneurship JAMK Generator works. In practice it means that a student can take classes related to business and entrepreneurship, those students who do not have a business idea yet are encouraged to develop their skills and create ideas. Those students who already have an idea for business are getting a personal coach and support at every stage of setting up a business.  The link to JAMK Generator description:

There are several organizations and programs that work in Finland and in Jyväskylä in particular to support entrepreneurs.

Jyväskylä Regional Development Company Jykes Ltd., established in 1996, is a business promotion and development company owned by the four municipalities (City of Jyväskylä, Laukaa, Muurame and Uurainen) of the Jyväskylä Region. The aim of Jykes is to create a favourable business environment and to improve the co-operation between companies and the public sector. By offering expertise, support and various networks for companies, Jykes creates opportunities and conditions for profitable business operations.

Jyväskylä Innovation Ltd is linking research and business. It is a development company that aims to make the Jyväskylä region an internationally thriving, technological growth centre for benefiting its diversified branches. The organization is supporting with its activities growth, development and competitiveness of technological enterprises in Jyväskylä Region and Central Finland.

Technopolis Jyväskylä offers a service package in Jyväskylä, which seamlessly combines premises and related services in a user-friendly solution. The idea is to provide the optimal operating environment for technology companies. The centralized acquisition of services produces significant economies of scale that, combined with efficient use of space, ensure an economically favorable premises solution for the customer.

Luotsi is an organization targeted to develop entrepreneurship in Jyväskylä, they have services in English but you cannot guess that visiting their webpage 😉 The most persistent non-speakers of Finnish can always try on-line translator:

Protomo is a multidisciplinary and social innovation and entrepreneur environment which works in several Finnish including Jyväskylä. It’s basic idea is to provide facilities, support of the community and sparring from the experts, free of charge, to help develop new services and products for the market.

Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation. Works all around Finland. Every year, Tekes finances some 1,500 business research and development projects, and almost 600 public research projects at universities, research institutes and polytechnics.

Vigo is a new type of acceleration program which bridges the gap between the early stage technology companies and international venture funding.

Finnvera is a specialized financing company owned by the State of Finland. It provides its clients with loans, guarantees, venture capital investments and export credit guarantees. Finnvera is the official Export Credit Agency (ECA) of Finland.

Some other useful links:

Human technology Central Finland

The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (manage the regional implementation and development tasks of the state administration).

Jyväskylä city website about business opportunities:

The leading startup conference in Northern Europe Slush (Helsinki)

Startup Sauna is a program that pushes the selected startups develop to a stage where they’re ready to take over the international markets. Startup Sauna takes two batches annually in the spring and fall (Helsinki).

So those who are interested in entrepreneurship you are warmly welcomed to Jyväskylä and JAMK! There are plenty opportunities for you here!!! And good luck in the entrance exams!

I will be happy to answer all the questions about my experience of living in Jyväskylä and studying at JAMK, and if you want to ask something privetly you can write to my email:

See you in Jyväskylä 😉



  1. Finland is a great country for entrepreneurs to invest and grow their business. How business-friendly is the taxation on small businesses there?

  2. Please check the information concerning direct taxation, ie the income taxation for companies, on Finnish Tax Administration English web pages:
    Also, check the information on indirect taxation, ie the value added tax on:
    In case the company employs the regulations concerning payroll tax can be found here:
    Finally, the company bills for work done, the instructions of prepayment register contain useful information.
    There are also instructions for foreign business in Finland:

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