Getting started in Jyväskylä and JAMK

Dear future student,

As a student of logistics engineering you’re about to learn how to optimize and reduce costs in your professional field – warehousing, transportation or just logistics generally. I find it needy to know
When I was about to set off to Jyväskylä, I still didn’t have any idea about how big should my start-up capital be. For you, especially, I’m going to give a brief overview about the costs I carried to get started here, in Jyväskylä.

Almost all students are living in KOAS accommodation, because it’s the cheapest possible living you could get in town. First you pay the deposit for your flat which is about 250-400 €, but don’t worry, if you don’t break anything in the flat, the deposit will be returned. The rent starts from ~ 200 € (their homepage says that the average is about 11 €/m2) + if you’d like to have furniture you will be charged for extra 10 €.
If you don’t want to have furniture or you’re placed in the flat where it is missing – no problem, second-hand shops will become your new friends!
You can get a couch bed for 20-40 € from there. These shops are also useful when you’re looking for kitchen appliances, dishes and cutlery. But if you’re an exchange student, it is much handier for you to rent a JAMKO survival kit for 75 € (deposit included) and if you return it in a good condition you’ll get your deposit returned (30 or 40 €, depends on your membership in JAMKO).

There are 2 possible ways of getting around in town: one is by bus and the other one is by bike.
I am personally an all-season cyclist and yes, it is possible to cycle around even during the winter time and people do it a lot! You can either take your bike with you or you can buy a single speed (or, if you’re lucky, with speeds) bicycle for about 30-50 € (of course, the prices vary).
The bus card costs currently 46 €/month. A single ticket is around 3 €.

It is clear that if you come from outside of Europe you have to get a visa and of course, that has a price. If you are an EU citizen, you don’t need a visa, but instead you need a residence permit from the police, which costs around 50 €. It is mandatory for degree students.

When starting your studies it is a very good investment to get a JAMKO-card, because it gives you many benefits starting from cheaper train tickets to free gym in the school. In the beginning it costs 5 € for the card + 25 € (a year)/ 13 € (a semester) for the membership.

Small but important costs that you should also take into account are school lunch (2.5 €) and pre-paid phone card (8 €).

And finally, for party people to compare: beer and long drinks in nightclubs cost 3,5-7 € and shots ~4 €.

I really hope this brief overview will help whilst making your budget for Finland.

Over and out,


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