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My name is Paula Tataru, coming from Romania, I have a Bachelor Degree in Laws and I am studying Nursing at JAMK University of Applied Sciences – Jyväskylä. The facts that I am going to describe during my blogging period will be facts that had been written and over written. However, I will add my own experiences and thoughts to help you make a conclusion over Finland, education in Finland and JAMK – University of Applied Sciences. The reason why we, all bloggers, write about the same subjects is for you, dear reader, to see and hear different points of view, to understand how wonderful is to study in Finland and Nursing in JAMK and how something that you truly like makes you see the boundaries easier to pass.

I am 37 years old, mother of two small children, and I am all the time crossing the boundaries; they say the student life is for youngsters and as you see, I am not that young anymore. My dedication and love for the Nursing profession made me see myself a nurse already. I can see myself helping people, enjoying my work and that is what keeps me going. If you find love for the profession deep inside your heart, you will find a way to make it happen.

I will now tell you in my words why I choose Finland as country, Finland as educational system and JAMK Jyväskylä – Nursing programme.

Why Finland? I choose Finland as acountry to to live because I identified myself and my principles with main values that Finnish people have and respect, such us honesty, equality, respect for people, respect for work and profession, respect for environment, safety, good social system and not the least, one of the best educational systems in the world. Finland is a very clean country, both, literally and figuratively, it is a country easy to live in, if you respect it and its people, it is very easy to assimilate and identify with. Since living in Finland I feel I do not need to go abroad to relax, this country is like a resort, you find here everything that you need in order to relax. If someone tells you “is cold in Finland”, you must believe it is cold, in the winter, but summers are very beautiful, actually they are perfect, with temperatures that allow you to have fun and relas wherever you go. There are multiple places to relax as you should know in Finland there are over 100.000 lakes. In Finland you can ski, skate, fish, climb, swim, do extreme sports or just drink a cold drink, lying in the sun. Nevertheless, if you intend to spend the rest of your life in Finland, to found a family here, you should know the human, family and children’s rights are very well respected and benefits are more than enough in order to live a decent life.

Now, dear reader, I will upload some pictures of Finland.

Finland in summer

 Fishing on the lake where the water is so clean that you can drink it straight from the lake. 

One of the most beautiful resorts near Jyväskylä called “Peurunka”


Why to study in Finland? Well, beside the fact that Finland possesses one of the best educational systems in the world, in Finland we have free education, a perfect student social and health care system, perfect organized, sufficient as number and cheap student housing, cheap student meals and many other discounts on a student card. Furthermore, at the beginning of the university year, especially foreign students have been helped by the University to begin their life here by offering special courses to introduce Finnish culture and values, Jyväskylä as a student city and as a free time activity and JAMK-University of Applied Sciences. Furthermore, foreign students learn about all the necessary information on the student’s rights, health and welfare system, and educational system through the same courses held at the beginning of the University year. In addition, teachers decided that it would be nice to do something for the new student, therefore they offered, free of charge, many of the necessary items in every house, for example: bed linen, plates, cutlery, coffee makers and even some furniture pieces.                                  

JAMK Cantine for students and teachers where the meals are cheap and very good!!

 JAMK Cantine for students and teachers

 JAMK- University of Applied Sciences, Degree Programme in Nursing, is one of the best of its kind in Finland. The University is situated down town of Jyväskylä, a wonderful, strategically situated, clean and fresh town in Finland.  You will ask me: why Jyväskylä and not Hesinki? I will give you my point of view, as I have lived in Helsinki area for more than 6 years. Jyväskylä area is pure typical Finnish town, less untainted by the foreign development. I find people in Jyväskylä more willing to carry a conversation with their fellows and more friendly and relaxed than people living in Helsinki. Helsinki area is a place where everybody hurries somewhere on a constant base, where people forget to smile to a child. To me, Jyväskylä represents a refugee, a peaceful and calm place where I can really hear my thoughts and enjoy my life whatever I do and wherever I go.  Another reason to choose Jyväskylä is because life is cheaper than in the Helsinki area and more reasonable for students.

 Going back to JAMK – Degree Programme in Nursing, it is good to know that it lasts 3,5-to-4,5-years and it is divided in courses, laboratory skills and practical training. However, even thought I knew a lot about the educational system in Finland before I started the school, I was amazed by the way the curricula were organized. For example, every time we studied some procedure in the classrooms (vital signs, injections) we practiced them in the laboratory just to learn how they feel on our own skins or using the model dolls. The laboratory is very well equipped, teachers are of the best and every student is protected by an accident insurance provided by JAMK, in case of any incidents. On top of all the courses and laboratory practice, one third of the study period is represented by the practical trainings carried out in the hospitals, health-care centers, and elderly homes. The studies structure in JAMK is so good and wisely chosen that by the graduation time, the future registered nurse can work independently and has all the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed in order to obtain a job. Actually, there are nursing students that consider taking a part time job already on their last study year.

Some example from the laboratory:).  Drawing blood from the capilaries is funny!!!

 And OUCH!!!

 Now, dear reader, I hope you got some idea about how wonderful is to study Nursing in Finland at JAMK-University of Applied Sciences. In couple of days, I will provide you with more information on day by day life at school and the way students are supported by the tutor teachers and tutor students during their studies.

See you!


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  2. Hello,

    It is definitely better than living anywhere else in the world:). If you are interested to hear more details, please feel free to ask.



  3. hi Paula,
    thanks God, Im very lucky today as accidentally see ur post about living and especially studying in Finland. Im planning to apply the Economic course in Finland on next month for the Autumn term. and Im very confused choosing which place for studying between Helsinki and Turku. The issue i care much is quality of UAS as well as studying environment and the cost of living.But thanks to ur post i think i ve made my decision is Turku ^^ thanks u again. May i have ur email for easier contact next time? I still need some more information 😀

  4. Hi Paula how many nursing students are taken every year by JAMK?

  5. Hi , Every one i am lucky to find you all very good friends. I am new student at Jamk i’d like to have fun all with you . SO i request you all please add me on Face Book so i could keep in touch with you people . Find me on FaceBook with my name “mdsr Butt” or my ID mdsr_6166@yahoo.com , thanks again for your love. 🙂

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