Why Finland? Why JAMK? Polish IB student’s perspective

Hello, hello! 🙂

My name is Monika. I come from Poland and I’m a second year student of IB. FMe and winter in Jyväskyläor the next couple of weeks I’ll be your guide in the world of JAMK 😉 I have in mind several topics I want to tell you about, but I’m willing to hear what kind of information you are interested in and write about it. So, feel free to comment whenever something comes to your mind! 🙂

Today I would like to tell you what is so special about JAMK and why I decided to study here.

Let’s start from a big picture. What makes Finland outstanding?
In my opinion, first of all, nature. One of a kind. All the lakes, forests, reindeer, squirrels and other animals, bright nights during summer and even snow and coolness during winter – it’s simply beautiful! Secondly, Finland is rather quiet country, very peaceful. I feel safe in here and I really appreciate this state.
Last but not least – Finland is a country you can trust. Everything is transparent. People obey rules. If they say something, they do so. Finns are very helpful. Additionally, their English skills (not only among youngest ones) are impressive.

Now, as you know what I consider as biggest advantages of Finland, it’s time to speak about JAMK itself. What attracted me most?

 1) Practicality

In my entire previous education there has been always focus put on theory. Practice, if any, was applied in a very small extent. Then, in 2008, I came to Finland for exchange and I realised that other approach is possible. OK, in Poland I studied Mathematics, so it’s slightly different story, but still 😉 I saw so many advantages of Finnish education system….and here I am again 😉

At JAMK theory is just an addition to practice. Teachers know that we learn best by applying concepts to real-life situations. There are numerous assignments, case studies, projects during the courses. We do many class exercises, analyse tons of data, write reports, give dozens of presentations…and still are ready for more 😉 Visitors, business people give us lectures. By frequent teamwork we are being prepared for working life. We cooperate with companies by projects, researches. There is always practical training involved in our study time.

Now I see how much I’ve learned so far even if often I didn’t feel it was learning. But, as you know, if you do something, it stays in you.

2) Internationality

For me, student of International Business, this is rather vital part of studies. At JAMK you can meet people from literally all over the world (OK, I haven’t met anyone from Australia yet, but I still have time 😉 ).

At JAMK you have a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with many different cultures. Through teamwork you learn what are and how to handle differences in viewpoints. It really prepares not only for working but also for living in today’s global world.

3) English

Without any doubt, studies at JAMK help in developing English skills. Everyday students have to communicate with each other. There are discussions, group-works, presentations; all the lectures are in English. There is also a need to write assignments, reports, etc. English becomes so natural 🙂
JAMK’s virtue is also a presence of native English speakers – from USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland – not only students, but also lecturers.

4) Attitude

Being JAMK’s student makes you special. After my previous educational experience, it was quite big shock here. You are not another name on the list – you are a person! If you have any question, problem, there is number of people willing to help you.
Teachers are approachable. Students call them by first name, without using all this degrees or titles (like master, doctor, etc.). Questions are welcome – “The only stupid question is a question you haven’t asked” as one of my lecturers says. Teachers know their students, not only by name but also personality, capabilities, etc. Atmosphere is definitely more informal than in Poland and I love it here! It’s like everyone is a part of JAMK’s community. Simple and great! 🙂

Well, that’s all for today. I hope that I intrigued you a bit with my JAMK stories 😉 More is coming next week. As I already mentioned, if you have any question or comment, I’m eager to read it and answer.




  1. wow…cool..hi ..Monica, I’m Della from China, I am going to take the entrance exam of International Business in April , Can you give me some advise on doing well in the exam except preparing it well? What is probably the essay about? Thank you so much,…I am so eager to read your answers…This is my email, happylele88@live.cn..hope to hear from you soon…

  2. Hi,Monica my name is Betty from Nairobi Kenya.Am very march inspired by your story about your schooling in Finland, Well,i have applied for a for nursing course in JAMK university of applied science waiting for there replay soon. My application code is 1011167 any assistance to secure a chance from you will be highly appreciated.
    ma email, beritermuthwa@yahoo.com. hoping to hear from you soon. thanx

  3. Hi Berita,

    Sorry, but I’m not able to check your application’s status. I’m just a student. All documents are being taken care of by people from proper offices. Good luck!

  4. Hi,Monica! 😉

    Thanks for your story and comments about student’s life in JAMK 🙂
    I have the same question as Della. Was it difficult to you to pass entrance exams? How it was??
    Please, write me on shusharochka@mail.ru 🙂

    Thanks in advance 😉

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