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Dear reader, I am glad I finally found the time to write to you. I have been very busy lately; I am studying for the exams and going to courses and laboratories. From now in a week-and-a- half we have few exams we have to pass before we go for practice.

By the way, the first year practice period lasts for 7 weeks, and this year, started three weeks before Christmas and continues for another four weeks starting February. I am doing my first professional practice, which is primary care, in an Elderly house, a lovely place with lovely people living in, for certain periods of time. When you love Nursing profession as much as I love it, you cannot wait to go practice what you’ve studied and done in the laboratory. It is amazing to see that you can help people in need and they count on your skills and professionalism; they trust that you take good care of them.  I am a strong person, I am a mom and trust me, it isn’t easy but to me, the first week of the practice period was a shock. I saw Alzheimer diagnosed, helpless older people that needed assistance almost every moment of their lives, people with great professions such as, midwifes, daycare nurses, pilots, teachers, bank managers. Yet, they all needed help with day by day life and it broke my heart. I then knew I choose the right profession because I felt their need and I WANTED TO HELP THEM. In the moment I realized that, my motivation and determination to get to know more and more about how to help people become grater.  I feel so lucky I got accepted to the Nursing programme and I am so happy I have chosen JAMK and JAMK has chosen me because here, people care about us, about students. As I told you before, I had a rough week at the beginning of my first professional practice and I did not know what to do. Somehow, my tutor teacher and our programme manager heard about my struggle and they immediately contacted me and offered their help. It is amazing how supportive our teachers are and I could feel they were not “just doing their job”, they were really concerned about my situation. However, when my first practice period was over, I felt sorry I have to go to holidayJ. I loved that place and the kind of a support and knowledge I’ve gotten during the practice period was great.  My mentor, which is a registered nurse, showed and taught me every day something new; small things but huge as importance, she opened my eyes and made me see the beauty of the nursing profession, the passion that makes a simple professional, an excellent one.  I cannot wait to go back there.

In my first blog post I promised I’ll tell you more about tutoring in JAMK. Last summer, when I received the envelope that said I have been admitted to the JAMK – Degree Programme in Nursing, I received also a lot of information’s’ about how to proceed before the school starts, about the Student Union-JAMKO and student’s rights and discounts, information on the first week’s schedule.  However, shortly after the envelope arrived, I got an email from a second year nursing student at JAMK, telling that he is my tutor student and offering his help with anything that I needed. One of the most interesting parts of having own tutor student I that he/she will even wait for you at the railway station when arriving to Finland. It was not my care but many of my colleagues were waited when they entered the country, they were guided to their living places and helped in all possible ways. Once you got accepted to the Programme, you are not on your own anymore; you receive help from tutor students and tutor teachers.

Furthermore, tutor teachers are JAMK’s teachers but they take the responsibility of helping, advising, advocate, and counseling and support us in any cases we need. I remember my fears when starting the school and how I discussed about them with my tutor teacher; and I remember how he released my fears by discussing them one by one. I felt he cares about me and my fears; I felt I am an individual and not just a student part of a group. There is a big, experienced and dedicated team out there to help and support us, in all ways. They try to make our student life easier, they know how to enhance our success and diminish our failing.

Maybe is time to close today’s diary and go back to studyJ, what do you think? I will introduce you more details about JAMK – University of Applied Sciences – Degree Programme in Nursing, next time.


Bye, bye,


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