Finland has its unique charm

Beginning with long, cold winters and finishing with the longest daylight time I have ever experienced, Finland has a unique charm. For those of you who have never seen aurora borealis, Finland it’s the best place to see it. It is just amazing how the sky becomes a dance stage where the dancers are the colors. The way they are waiting for Santa by lighting his way with candles…

Waiting for Santa:)



The new year at -28:)

 The best way of all during the long winter is sauna. Don’t get me wrong; once you are in Finland, sauna becomes a part of your life regardless the season. People in Finland relax, socialize, discuss business or just empty their minds in sauna. What does it feel like to cool down with snow after sauna? You go to sauna, heat yourself well in a +80 – 90°C temperature, and then roll on in the snow to cool-off. God, you feel like thousands of small needles pinch all over your body. I, personally, love the combination of sauna and snow.

The beauty of the unspoiled forests and thousands of islands and lakes, Finn’s unique way of celebrating mid-summer and the perfect nature made me want to be a part of this, to bring my contribution, somehow, to the one of the most honest and beautiful country. When you get to live here, to see the way people respect nature, their honesty and sincerity, the way they treat other people, you only feel you want to give something back.

The Mid-summer fire


 Wonderful, pure lake

Summer cottage 

Picture yourself fishing on this lake.


Just Summer


I think Finland makes people better and that makes perfect sense; think about somebody doing something that makes you feel better, you feel you want to return the good that you got by doing something positive. I think this is the way Finland works; this country has so much to offer that one cannot turn by doing something bad. I am addicted to Finland because I have gotten here more than I could dream of; I am a better person only by living in this country.

Dear reader, come to Finland with an open mind and heart, respect the country and the country will respect you, be honest and ask for help when you don’t know what to do and the answers will come to you. Come and try yourself the student life here, do not only be the reader of what’s like to be a student in Finland. It is easy, easy to study, easy to enjoy and easy to live here. Make the best choice of your life and come to Finland, come to visit and you will only have good memories, come to study and you will only have best of education, come to live and you will only have best of life.

See you,



  1. hello,
    hows life going to be over there for someone thats coming with her 2 kids to study.

  2. for someone coming from Africa,does he\she have to write entrance examination before coming to Finland?

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