What to do in Jyväskylä besides studying?

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In last two entries I wrote about IB studies at JAMK. In order to keep balance, today I’m going to tell you about “students’ life” – what to do in Jyväskylä in leisure time 🙂 Of course we have to distinguish activities in summer from those in winter time; besides there also “neutral” ones – not depending on weather.

Let’s maybe start from winter activities (kind of current topic 😉 ). When everything is covered in snow, when temperature doesn’t even reach 0°C for quite a long time, it’s time for two things: winter sports and sauna.

  • Every fan of winter sports will find something for himself/herself in here. Laajavuori is a part of Jyväskylä perfect for lovers of skiing and snowboarding ( for more information, visit this site) . Admirers of cross-country skiing will appreciate for sure well prepared network of tracks. Good thing is that one doesn’t have to have his/her own equipment – there is always a possibility to rent it. Frozen Lake Jyväsjärvi is a wonderful place for skaters. And last but not least, if you own a sledge, find a hill and enjoy sledging 🙂Lake after sauna
  • Of course sauna can be used during a whole year…but it’s never better (at least in my opinion) than in winter time.

    After warming up in sauna, one can grab a towel, go outside and
    1) just stand there, or
    2) roll in snow, or
    3) swim in a lake.

From my experience, 3 rd option is the best 😀 I had thought I would never do that, but I tried and it was definitely amazing! But even first or second options are worthy to try (and healthy) ;).

Now it’s time for describing summertime activities. Although Finland is perceived as rather cold country, summer here is amazing! Usually in June and July (sometimes even at the end of May) sun shines pretty brightly, temperature often reaches around 30°C or more and there is no night actually. Even around 3 am. it is still kind of brightly outside and it doesn’t get darker. The only disadvantage of this fact is that seeing stars is impossible in summer…but actually there are definitely more advantages (and one can see stars over rest of a year 😉 ).

Let’s consider simple equation: Summer in Finland + Lakes = ? Swimming 😀

Summer in Jyväskylä
Summer in Jyväskylä

There are numerous lakes, so, depending on requirements and location, everyone can find something for herself/himself. There are of course nice beaches where one can sunbath, play volleyball, have a picnic when not swimming. I personally like swimming around 10 pm or even during a night – water is still warm, there are not so many people around – it’s quiet and beautiful…(and only mosquitoes really try to convince me not to swim 😉 ).

Fruit-lovers also appreciate summer in Finland – there is so much raspberries and blackberries around that one could spend days on just picking them 😉 Cakes baked or cocktails prepared from fresh fruits taste delicious! There is always an option to freeze some fruits – just to have a little bit of summer even during wintertime 😉

Besides strictly summer or wintertime activities, there are mainly those which can be done during an entire year. Here is a list:

  • Cycling – I would personally put it to “no-winter” activities. However, there are MANY people cycling in every kind of weather (even in -30°C). Almost everyone owns a bike here – it’s the cheapest, fastest and healthiest means of transport.
  • Swimming in a swimming pool – In Jyväskylä area there are 3 swimming halls (as far as I know). The biggest one, Aalto Alvari, is currently being renovated, but it’s going to be open again in autumn. There is 50m swimming pool inside, jacuzzi, sauna, spa area, (among others) inside.
  • Partying – There are numerous pubs and clubs in Jyväskylä, so everyone can find something perfect for him/her. Depending if one wants to dance or just spend time with friends over a glass of some beverage – there is always some option. Majority of the clubs is located in city center, so one doesn’t need to stick to one place during a night.
  • Walking – in this safe and nice city even walking can be a great way of spending time 😉 No matter if it’s summer or winter, if you are alone or with bunch of friends – go for a walk, enter forest, go along a lake – simply enjoy Finnish nature and peace 🙂
  • Sport activities – Besides cycling and swimming, there are also other sports you can do here. You can play squash or tennis, go for a wall climbing, visit a gym (even in school), practice martial arts, attend dance lessons and many many others.
  • Watching movies – I don’t only mean at home, with friends, but also in cinema. Fantasia Finnkino, located in the city center, offers movies in their original language (usually English), with Finnish and Swedish subtitles. More info here.
  • Still, one of the best options is to spend time with your friends at home – eat, drink, chat, play (there is one great shop selling board and card games – also English versions – located in the city center). Memories captured in those moments cannot be compared to anything else 😉

Well, these are my ideas for spending time in Jyväskylä. I hope you feel attracted by at least some of them 😉

“See you” 😉


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