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Hello 🙂

Application period is already over. I hope that all of you who are interested in studying at JAMK were able to apply. Now there is only entrance exam to be passed and hopefully in couple of months you will be proud of having a status of JAMK’s student.
In my last post I would like to give you some practical tips concerning moving to Jyväskylä and living here. Hope they will help you 🙂

First of all, if you travel by plane, you can come either straight to Jyväskylä (with transfer in Helsinki) or just to Helsinki. From Jyväskylä airport there is a bus coming to the city center, it costs 5€. From Helsinki Airport there are 3 options:

  • taking a bus directly from the airport to Jyväskylä (timetables can be found here.  Choose date and From: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport  To: Jyväskylä Travel Centre). Bus departs from platform in front of Terminal 2.
  • Going by bus from airport to the center of Helsinki (ticket around 5-6€) and then by train from Helsinki railway station (timetable here) to Jyväskylä.
  • Going by bus (ticket 2.5€) from airport to Tikkurila (more information here) and then by train from Tikkurila to Jyväskylä.

Let’s talk about accommodation. Most people choose KOAS – Central Finland Student Housing Foundation (website). One can rent a room in an apartment with shared bathroom and kitchen (2-3 people living in the same flat, each person has own room) or decide for a single-room flat (studio).  The most affordable area is Roninmäki (additionally most of the exchange students live there), but there are also many others locations of KOAS’ buildings around the city (list and more information here).

It is worthy of applying for accommodation a few months ahead before arrival, especially when coming for winter semester – just to make sure that there is still a place available (How to apply). In KOAS rental fee is paid for a whole month, no matter which day of the month you arrive. For this reason if one arrives at the end of a month, he/she may consider spending few days in temporary accommodation (fee: 4€ per night) and renting own room/flat from the beginning of the following month. One can ask his/her peer tutor for more information.

Concerning ways of travelling in Jyväskylä, as I already mentioned, most people ride bikes. For me bike is perfect when two conditions are fulfilled: no rain and temperature at least +5°C. Yet, there are many fans of cycling in every kind of weather and I really admire their willpower 😉 You can buy a used bike for about 50-70€. There are special places for locking a bike around the city.
Another way of transportation is a bus.  ticket costs 3.20€ and is paid by cash in a bus (it’s valid for one hour, so one can even change a bus once within this time). Monthly student ticket, valid for 30 days, costs around 47€. Another option is a student 40 trip-ticket, it costs about 49€. It is a good option for people who don’t travel every day. 40 trips can be done within half of year from the moment of purchasing the ticket. When buying long-term tickets for a very first time, there is also a 3€ fee for a card charged. Trip-planner can be found here.

One issue I regret I didn’t know about before coming to Jyväskylä is that there are so many second-hand shops around the city. In these shops you can find basically everything: used pots, plates, glasses and other kitchen stuff; things for furnishing and decorating an apartment, clothes, shoes, books, games, sport equipment and many others. Most of things are in a very good condition and for really affordable price. Thus, there is basically no need for bringing anything special from home.

Regarding normal shopping, Finland has a bit different system than e.g. Poland. There are no small shops like bakeries or groceries – food is sold in hypermarkets, supermarkets (e.g. Prisma, K-citymarket), and discount supermarkets (Lidl). There are of course shopping centers and department stores too.

My last piece of advice is that when you come to Jyväskylä, buy a Finnish Sim-card. It will make your phone calls easier and cheaper. You can easily reload the card in kiosks, by Internet or in any ATM machine.

Well, that’s probably all for today. It was a pleasure writing for you! I hope that my stories made your thinking about studies at JAMK at least a bit easier 😉 For all who applied: good luck!! 🙂 If you have any more questions, just comment the post and I will answer for sure.


P.S. Below are the links to two videos about Jyväskylä. Enjoy! 🙂
Jyväskylä – City of Light
28 hours in Jyväskylä


  1. I would pls want to find out about the content of entrance exams fo the jamk nursing programme.

  2. i would to know about international students who applied for studies at jamk

  3. Sisawo Drammeh,
    Sorry, I don’t have access to data like this. I’m just a student.

  4. so monika can i be enlighten about the entrance exam on international business?

  5. Hey,

    Basic information about exam cane be found here:

    What I can say from my experience is that good preparation is vital. My essay’s topic was related to reading material for the exam, so it is difficult to say what topic you will have to write about (reading materials differ from year to year). There was also multiple choice questions based on reading material and multiple choice test in maths (easy calculations, without using calculator). Additionally I had to write a cover letter.

    I participated in entrance exam here, in Finland. For an interview we were divided into groups of 3 people. There was one topic for discussion, regarding business in general and interviewer observed if we were able to express our opinions and lead the discussion. Then, interviewer asked us questions concerning ourselves and each of us answered individually.

    I hope that story of my entrance exam will be useful for you.

    Good luck!

  6. Hi 🙂
    im applying for logistics engg from karachi pakistan and i have an entrance exam on 12th of april like after 5 days :S im a bit worried ive searched google and all but havnt found any past papers or any clues yet how to prepare for it?
    any suggestions?

  7. Hi,

    I’m a student of International Business, not Logistics Engineering.
    Anyway, here: it says what you can expect from the exam. Additionally, “The final content of entrance examination will be informed in the invitation letter.”, so please, check the invitation letter carefully. You can also try to contact students from Logistics Engineering. However, as there is currently Easter holiday time, you may be not able to do it before Tuesday. You should have thought about it some time ago.
    JAMK doesn’t publish exam questions from previous years.

    Good luck!

  8. Dear Monica, how are you these days ?? Thank you so much for your advise on the entrance exam , I guess I could pass it easily as I’ve prepared it well…I like your post ,,lol thank you so much for sharing your a nice day..

  9. Thanks Monika my entrance exam went fine i scored like 57 points and lowest required were 30 so i got admitted now im just completing my documents for a residence permit 😀 im excited and want to learn finnish before i come i hope if you could help me with it any how see you at JAMK UAS 😉

  10. Hi Monika.

    Glad I’ve read this blog post! I’m very new to Jyvaskyla and will be spending a month here. I know this is kinda off topic and I’m interested with those second hand shops you mentioned, can you name a few shops where I could go and check it out?


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