First year at JAMK! Quite a lot of fun and new things…

Hello Everyone,

I have been preparing for posting here for quite a long time now.

My name is Tibor Kis and I am a first year student at JAMK studying International Business. So far this has been one of the best things that happened to me before, so I would like to write a few things about it and some info that could be quite useful for You.

It all started 3 years ago. I applied to an exchange student program and I had to opportunity to spend a year in Finland with a Finnish family. I immediately fell in love with Finland. I have seen quite a few places around the world before, but this is seriously one of the best places to live in my opinion. I had not experienced the safety and the wealthiness before I started my little trip to here. Then my exchange year was over. I went back to Hungary and started to think about my future. I had strange feelings in myself but then I finally decided to apply to higher education to Finland. I have a great interest in business so it was kind of obvious for me to search for a business programme in here. I started to browse on the internet, asked a few of my Finnish friends and that is when I finally found JAMK. The International Business line was said to be one of the best in the country and in addition it was in a city that has around 40.000 students living in it.

So last January I applied. Application went quite easily. Here are two links that could help You also if You are looking to apply.

I finally got the mail that I was accepted for the entrance examinations. I guess I do not have to say how excited I was. Then preparations and the other necessary things went through, I sent the needed documents to the school and almost everything was done before the entrance exams. (Btw: You will find all information if You click on the links I already copied). For me the entrance exams were quite big surprises. All the things were basically about testing your logic, communication skills, group-working abilities and a lots of real thing situations were included. For some reason I even enjoyed it though of course I was in a way nervous at the same time.

Then came the end of may. I was in the middle of my final exams in my Hungarian high school, when one afternoon I got a mail. I was accepted. The details about the next few days I am not going to write down, I guess it is better for all of us. Let’s just say that I was not nervous anymore. 🙂 After all just final preparations, e-mails, paperwork and I was already officially a part of JAMK. Happy times I guess…

In July after I was done with all the things I needed to do, practical questions came to my mind. Where am I going to live? How am I going to find an apartment from Hungary? How am I going to survive financially? I decided to write an e-mail to the school and ask these questions from them. I supposed they knew these things much better than me. And I was right (as always… Not.).

Apartment situation: KOAS. KOAS is the organization that helps You to find a flat that is the most student friendly and the best choice if You want to get a reasonably-priced apartment or room in Jyväskylä. I visited the page and it went through easily. A few mails, application, filling in a form and after a week I already got an offer for a flat in Keltinmäki. It is a quite cheap place, for around 200 Euros one gets a room, internet connection, electricity, water and a warm room with a common kitchen and bathroom. Isn’t it just enough for a student?

I just needed a plane ticket. Cheap flights come to Finland quite often so it is not a huge amount of money if one wants to come here. The prices here are quite high though. I do not say it is cheap to live here, but no tuition fee is a thing that saves a lot of money for all of us. It depends on the person, but since I love to eat it costs a bit more to me. Bus ticket inside the town for a month is around 50 euros and these are mostly all your expenses. (Biking even in the winter is quite a common thing also)

But yeah I was ready to go. Then it was already the end of August, when I just arrived here. The whole year started with an orientation week. We got to know our tutors, the school, the methods, the IT systems and basically everything we needed to survive. We had plenty of events organized for us and with that we got to know the town, each other and the school more and more. (Some things happened also after 9 p.m. but I think it is again better not to get into the details…. 🙂 ) .

So we had an awesome week. We basically knew the things we needed to do, the real job started. Courses were introduced, new teachers, new subjects, so I guess we were all kind of busy at that point of the year. The whole autumn was fun. I cannot find a better word for that. Even when we had to sit down and study it still was something much more interesting than I was used to before. AWESOME!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Exams came, we got to know plenty of new things, we worked with real case-companies and collected already business-cards while having fun. I will never forget it. We got to know how many opportunities we will have later on in the future and that motivated believe me.

I do not want to get to the boring details, You will anyways experience all of it if You apply and get accepted. Trust me it is a great choice.

About visiting home: We had an autumn break in October when I flew back for a week, then of course for Christmas also. Of course we all have a bit of homesick, but there is always a possibility to go home for a while, meet the good Oldies and get back to the life again. It is never really boring here so I guess most of us do not even feel homesick…..

It is truly fun, useful and the best thing that has happened to me. So come on and don’t hesitate a lot.

I will get back with other stories, happenings and experiences that could be useful for all of You! Until that have fun, enjoy life and DO NOT MISS great opportunities!!!!!!!! 🙂



I wish You all a very nice day!!! Heyya!


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