Application period is almost over. Hurry up! :)

Hy Everyone,


Here I am once again. I hope I could bring some useful info today and it would help You!

First of all, the application period is over next week, so if You are planning to apply, (and why wouldn’t You??????) You’d better get your stuff together and start working on it. It is quite easy, You just have to follow all the instructions that are given. Visit page and start doing it. Fill in the form logically, attach the documents if there is any asked to be attached and your application is basically done. If You have any further questions just write an e-mail to the school and they will reply as soon as it is possible. Trust me they are helpful and willing to give You any kind of information You may need.

I have gone through some basic things last time I posted here, but I guess not all. (Btw if any of You will have any questions just write a comment and I will answer asap)

This week there is a huge event going on, students went on a huge ship cruise organized by Konkurssi, called Money Sails. Most of the IB students are there having plenty of fun and enjoying themselves. It is something that I guess most of You will have to try, though unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to go this year. Student unions organize lots of events for us so we could never get bored at any time of the year. These do not always mean parties, but also different happenings, movie watching, sports events and different kind of interesting ways of spending our spare time.

This just came to my mind now fast and I just had to share it, so You would know that this is not a boring place to stay I promise You! 🙂

I learned my lesson this week, so I will be more careful from now on. I went home on Wednesday after school and found a paper on our kitchen’s table. “Warning for cleaning the apartment by the day: 13th February, 2013.” Wow, I thought. I never really considered myself the dirty guy, but it turns out that 3 of us had managed to make some mess after all. We have been having arguments with my flatmates about these cleaning things. A practical advice: Make a note or a schedule, that who is responsible for what on that actual week, so everyone knows what they are supposed to do. This could save You some stress and a warning note I already got. 🙂

One more lesson I learned. I use bus as a transportation to go to school, back home and travel in the city. The city-ticket for a month costs 62 euros at the moment, if You do not have a student card. I applied for a student card in the beginning of the year and I got it but I did not know that I could save money on the monthly tickets also. System in Finland works a bit differently than back home. I just accidentally saw one of the students paying for his monthly ticket and he payed 52 euros. Hmm I started thinking and then I asked. He said that I should have gone to the bus station (alias Matkakeskus) and change my details and show my student card to them. So I did that. It does not seem a lot of money, 10 euros a month, but for a year it is 120 euros…. Also the food. I never was the best chef in the world and it still has not changed, but I now decided, that I will try to cook as much as I just can, and try to make nice food from as little amount of money as I just can. It turned out that I saved a bit more than 50 euros in the last month on food only by trying to find the best solution. In the beginning it’s really hard I know but after a while You get to know which products are cheaper than the others but still taste good.

The main point of this was that if You look around carefully and search for the best options, this is not even that expensive as one may think. Of course this does not include going to a restaurant, bar or any other kind of places like this.

And the most important thing again. Start to apply and do not think of it as a must, think of it as an opportunity! Jyväskylä is welcoming all of You! And I would like to do the same! 🙂

Best luck to all of You,

Tibi 🙂




  1. Am applying for a discretionary admission with Centria UAS how do you see my chances?

  2. JAMK is my first option and i’m waiting “patiently for the result… :(( i wanna get plenty of fun and new things with JAMKers so bad!!!!

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