KOAS …….. or how to live in Jyväskylä

Ok, last week I told you how to become a student of JAMK. You did it? Congrats. But here is the next step ………… how to live in Jyväskylä. Most easiest way to find an appartment is KOAS, the middle finnish housing association. They offer different kinds of flats.  You can choose between studio, room in a shared appartment or a family flat. You have to fill in the application form on www.koas.fi and wait for an answer.

Waiting for an answer can be quite annoying because you just receive an E-Mail which tells you that KOAS received your application. After 6 weeks or so I received an offer for a room in a shared appartment. Most of the students live in Roninmäki or Myllyjärvi together with international students. Near both living areas you find the Myllyjärvi, a lake where you can go swimming in  summer or iceskating in winter. And you can enjoy the beach near your flat and have a picknick or play volleyball with friends or just have a good time.

KOAS offers some BBQ where you can get in touch with other tenants, new friends and finnish food. For these BBQ KOAS offers food for free and some drinks. In each building you find a sauna which can be used by every tenant. You can use the common sauna shifts or book an extra shift just for you and your friends ……….. for just 7 Euro per month. In Myllyjärvi the sauna is on top of the roof so you can enjoy a fantastic view over the neighbourhood after going to sauna ……… in winter you have to be brave to go out when temperature is falling down but the view is absolutely worth it. So don´t be afraid and go out in the snow after sauna to have the best view.

Of course sometimes it´s time for laundry. And guess what………you find a washing machine in two of the buildings, in Myllyjärvi in building A and F. You just book your laundry shift (in Myllyjärvi 5 times a week, in Roninmäki 3 times a week) online at https://koas.agileus.fi/en/residents-services/koas-services/koas-booking/ and choose a date and time. Doing the laundry is free for every tenant and you can use the tumble dryer as well. Just book it in addition and have fun cleaning your clothes. For everything not fitting in you can use the drying room to dry everything you need to dry.

In the appartment you have your room, a common kitchen, a balcony and of course the bathroom. In the kitchen you find everything you need to live and cook. Make some delicious meals with your flatmates, get to know new dishes from all over the world or just hang around and have a nice evening with your friends and flatmates. All the rooms are made for non smokers and have a central heating system.

If you get a furnished room you´ll find a bed, a table, a wardrobe and a shelf. And to sit somewhere you find a chair in front of the table. So you have a lot of space to live your dream and be creative.

Now I hope you have a small view into appartments and know what to expect ……….. at least a little bit. For more questions please ask and let me know.

Next week the next topic and more insider information for you

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