Now it´s your choice …………. or how to select the right courses

Happy new year to all of you and hope you had great holidays and a good start into a new year and you still hold on to your New Year´s resolutions 😉

OK now lets start with the course selection. You applied, you got the message that you are a student in Jyväskylä and you found an appartment and moved. Now you have to choose your courses. Maybe you are used to get fixed schedules from your home university as I was or you always could choose your own schedule. In JAMK you definitely have the choice. Depending on your home university or if you are a degree student you have more or less courses to choose. As I am an exchange student I had to choose courses before I send my application and had some given possibilities. I chose some and thought: OK when I arrive I will get the schedule for these courses, but no, I could change my choice and select new courses or enrole for the chosen courses.

At first I had to learn that I will not get any schedules from JAMK but I have to create an own one. And because you have to enrole for the courses and find out the times on your own you get help during the orientation week. But finding out how to enrole for the courses is quite hard. First you have to find the courses you like to take. An easy way and the first option is to take the Learning Agreement and try to find the right courses. But the first problem is to find the courses in the system. Most of the courses are in different study programmes which makes finding them a bit complicated. But then I got the tip: You have a course code and then you can find the right study program and the right course. But sometimes even with all the help you cannot find the course and that´s frustrating.

But after an hour ful of frustration, looking and being a detective you have all your courses but no times for your schedule. But how to solve the problem and find out when to be in which course? You can check all your courses in the system called ASIO and check the time and place of your chosen course. After checking them most of the students figured out, that courses are overlapping and want to change them. But because all the interesting courses are overbooked, you really have to be careful with your selection. But finally everybody figured out the courses, enroled for them and is more or less happy with the selection.

Most of the students took more courses then they are expected to take because in the beginning you have some time to figure out if you chose the right courses and if you don´t like them you can change them. But after 4 weeks of checking it is hard to find fitting alternatives because all the courses are full and you did the first assignments and groupworks for the course so most of the students stay in the courses.

After 4 weeks the courses are fixed and has to be written down in the Learning Agreement (if you have one to fulfill). The best thing about choosing courses is that you don´t have to do it alone. You get the help of the tutors and the coordinators. They all help you to find the courses and enrole for them. And after the first frustration you get used to the system and can handle the next enroling period without big problems. So in the end you can study and enjoy your courses and all the groupworks and assignments.

And the ASIO offers course descriptions, so if you don´t know which course to take or when you´re not really sure about the course you can find information and choose the right course.  And if you cannot decide immidiately you can go home and do it on your own computer and take the time you need.

So now let´s get started and choose all your courses and have a great start into the new semester.

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