Living your life …………. or what to do?????? Part 1

Ok now you finally arrived in Jyväskylä and you study but sometimes you have some leisure time and want to do something else than just studying and spending time in the university.

Of course the first option are friends to spend time with. But what can you do here in Jyväskylä?? You can go to a museum or theatre or cinema or join one of the parties. And you can explore the new town you´re living in. To get an overview you can go to the tower on top of the Harju-stairs and enjoy the feeling of having a city lying on the bottom of your feet.  If you are lucky and have a day without clouds you can see all the lakes of the city, the forests and the city. That´s really worth it to visit it. Afterwards you can visit the museum in the basic floor of the tower and learn more about the animals living here and the surrounding.

If you finished your visit there, you can take the stairs of Harju and enjoy the view over the city. You have several platforms to stand on and enjoy the view. You can see the Jyväsjärvi and the Kuokkala Silta. You can take beautiful pictures and if you are here in summer you can enjoy the nature around you with colorful flowers and integrate them in your pictures. On the 6th of december there candles enligthed on every step of the stair for the independence day. Here you can enjoy the great feeling of that day and be part of Jyväskylä.

When you reach the bottom of the Harju you can go directly in the city centre. Here you can do shopping, take a break in the park or drink a coffee together with your friends.  You find every store you need, H&M for clothes, bookstore for something good to read or you can go in one of the candy stores to try finnish chocolate from Panda and Fazer. And of course you find everything else you need. If you don´t like to go through different single stores you can go to Sokos, there you find everything you need without going  through thousands of stores. YOu can spend hours between nail polish, perfume and mascara or you shop shoes and clothes or you can find the boys shopping technical stuff, CD´s and video games. In the bottom of Sokos you find everything neccessary for your household and kitchen and bathroom and grocery shopping.

After you did shopping you may need something to eat. Here you can choose everything starting from viking food and ending with pizza, going to an american diner or to a mexican restaurant. And after eating you may like to drink a coffee. Here you can go into the english pub, the coffee house or to the Wilhelmian Conditori, which sells beside coffee cakes and sandwiches. What I can highly recommend all of you is the triple chocolate cake. That´s great.

Next on your activity list can be a visit of the Jyväsjärvi where you can go swimming in summer and ice skating in winter. When the sun sets the Koukkala bridge is enligthed and the harbour gets a great athmosphere.

If you like swimming you can go to the Alvar Aalto swimming pool and enjoy swimming, a ride in the waves and take a ride on the slide into the water. After an exciting day you can go to Sauna and afterwards go into cold water with 10 degrees. THIS experience really needs a lot of courage and finns are interested in seeing how you freeze immediately. But you can enjoy another term in the Sauna after that and get warm. If you like you can use the gym as well and participate in interesting courses such as the aqua zumba. This is really fun and you should difinitely not miss that. And if you like to wake up early and go before 10 you only pay 4,50€. If you go a bit later it is 6,50€.

What you difinitely not should miss is the finnish sport number one: ICEHOCKEY. There are several matches during your stay and you can buy your tickets from the sportsstore in Jyväskylä for only 8€. Another activity in the winter time is to go to the ski resort Laajavuori. There you can take lessons and do downhill skiing and cross skiing or snowboarding. There are happy hours on fridays and tuesdays for the students of Jyväskylä.

For those of you who like to see movies and go to cinema the city has a cinema with all new movies. And don´t be afraid to go just because you don´t know finnish. All the films are in english or their original language with subtitles. So you can enjoy a great film with your friends and spend an evening with them. After the cinema ends you can go to one of the numerous clubs and bars to have a good night before you go back to study.

With all these tips your stay should not be boring and you have a lot of choices what to do. Next time I tell you something about the activities organized by JAMKO and IC. Hope you enjoy your stay and if you have questions please do not hesitate to ask.

See you next time

Moi Moi and have a great time

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