Living your life ………………. or what to do?????? Part2

Ok let´s continue with things you can do. As I promised I will concentrate on things the JAMK is organising and where you can meet all your friends.

In the beginning of the semester JAMK O and ESN  are organizing a welcome party as a kick off to start into the new semester. Here you are invited into bar Bra to have fun and enjoy your time. Usually two weeks later there is an overall party where you can wear your new bought overall or show how many parties you already participated. For every organized party you get patches for your overall to show that you are an active student and enjoy your live.

JAMKO is organzing events in the university. As you may know JAMK owns a cafeteria where you can find everything, starting with coffee and cookies and ending with a pool table and TV set. Here JAMKO organizes movie nights where finnish movies are shown. Or when you like sitting aroung with your friends, talking and playing games then the JAMKO gaming nights are perfect for you.  Here you can bring games or use the given ones by JAMKO and play and get to know new people. I guess that this is something special and quite unique for JAMK and makes you feel really good and brings a bit home to Finland.  Invitations to this event you get by your tutor on facebook, with the newsletter send by JAMKO or by talking to your friends.

Another big thing JAMKO is organizing are the IC After Hours. It´s every month one special event where you can celebrate with a special topic and show your creativity with dressing up. There were topics such as Halloween, Black and White or Harry Potter. Starting in the restaurant Revolution you get burgers for 5 Euro and can show your costume. You participate in a Quiz and show your knowledge you have to the topic.  After sitting together you go to the club freetime and have a party. Here the winner of the Quiz is announced and prices are given away.

But JAMK and its organizations are not just organizing parties. They care about your journeys as well. They are organizing together with ESN trips to Russia and Lapland and other trips. You can have fun with the trip pirates of the baltic sea to go to Stockholm and see all your friends on a boat to Stockholm or have a great time in Lapland. These trips are announced on Facebook and give you advice where you can enroll for the trips. Remember you need a passport to go to Russia. When registering the number is asked. On these trips you have the opportunity to try things most never tried before.

Another important organized event is the wellbeing week. Here JAMK organizes a lot of activities which make you feel good. You can try new sports activities such as Aqua Zumba or participate in several floorball games to show what you can do and as a special highlight you can go to the theater and have a view behind the scenes. I was in the Shrek musical and it was unbelievable. And don´t be afraid of the language. The guided tour is in finnish but you can always find someone who translates and I thing the movie Shrek is so well known that you can get the idea of the musical 😉 I can highly recommend taking a chance like that and forget about language barriers. It is an amazing opportunity to see the cultural life of Finland and get to know new people.

According to culture JAMK really cares about its students. So there are organized trips to the Sauna experience where you can enjoy first the hot sauna and then swim in a lake – no matter if it is frozen or not. Afterwards you party and have fun with your friends. If you like chocolate more then you can go on an organized trip to Panda factory and buy chocolate in the factory store for a good price. And in winter there are organized trips to Laajavuori, the skiing resort of Jyväskylä.

If you like to know how finnish families live you should apply for the family friend programme and hope to get a finnish exchange family. You are free to do what ever you like with them and experience the real finnish live with Sauna, lakes and cookies. They care about you and set the meetings with you around your schedule so you can enjoy time with them.

Here you have so many organized opportunities so every one can find a fitting event no matter if you like to party or culture. You have a lot of things to do next to studying so enjoy and have fun with your life and remember ERASMUS is only once a lifetime.

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