time to learn more than theory

Take your chance when it is offered to you. In Jyväskylä and at JAMK you get the chance to get some practical experiences. Let me tell you about my experience with the finnish company Paytrail.
It was my first lecture of human resource management and the lecturer, Juha Saukkonen, announced, that the German students should stay after class because he has something to tell us. Ok, we stayed and he told us, that the finnish company Paytrail with its headquarters in Jyväskylä is looking for native German speakers because they have a project. We were curious and he told us if we are interested he can send us some more information. The same day we received an E-Mail and he shared some information about the company. We arranged an initial meeting with the company and they told us, to do some market research because they want to enter the German market.

OK, we got all the neccessary information and we started looking for some companies in Germany which could fit and which we could present Paytrail as potential customers. We got some pre-defined criteria to collect the companies with. Paytrail is working in e-commerce and tries to enter a new market with its new payment method which should make the buying and ordering process easier and which can be used in the field of bookings in the internet. This included all event and appointment bookings as well as some system developments. By doing this work we learned more about the differences between German and Finnish customers and that here you can even get an appointment with the doctor online. At least in Germany this is not possible.

From time to time we met the responsible employees from Paytrail and got new information and delivered our results. But it is not just working theoretically but we had to call the companies to introduce them to Paytrail and sent them the presentation via E-Mail. In the end of the semester we could say that we got lots of new experiences and learned so much about the e-commerce. For me I can say that I never got more experiences with that then buying online in shops such as amazon.de or others. This opened my mind and this semester I took a lot of courses in the field of marketing so I can learn more about that topic. I was focused on human resource before and now, as I´m applying for my internships, I have problems to say whether to choose internships in the field of human resources or in the field of marketing. The last thing we did was writing a report about what we did and what we learned and what our learning processes and progresses have been.

When I came back to Jyväskylä I went shopping in LIDL and was focused on my shopping list when I heared a familiar voice. It was Kirsti from Paytrail telling me that she is preparing another project and that she needs our help again to prepare an entry. Two weeks later I received an E-Mail with new instructions and one week later we had the new initial meeting. Today I had my first day at Paytrail and started my new project.

Of course you are doing somethig like that not just for fun. And if you wonder what we get for doing market research for a finnish company here´s the answer. We got 5 Credits, a lot of experiences from practical learning and a lot of fun. And of course it is always good to say I know more then just theory and show it in your CV. So don´t hesitate and take the chance to do a job in Finland with a real company.

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