Having Dinner with the mayor

Last wednesday I had a dinner with the mayor of Jyväskylä. Ok not only me but around 100 international students got the chance to meet local companies in the city hall and having a dinner with them after to get in contact with them. But as we met in the city hall of course the mayor was there as well and introduced us the city, showed us pictures and told us that he is so proud that Finland won the icehockey match this evening in the Olympic Games. This was absolutely a good mood to spend some time in the city hall. You can find this building in the city centerand actually cannot miss it. The city hall was recently renovated and looks really great. You feel the spirit of early days and the modern elements as well. We sat in the room where all decisions are made and where usually important people meet to talk about the future of Jyväskylä. Being there really felt special and was good as well. In front of the room I met the other students and could talk to them. Mainly they represented the international students of the University of Jyväskylä. But I also met people I knew from JAMK. After the mayor and the heads of JAMK and the Univerity of Jyväskylä welcomed us former students told us something about their work in local companies. There were former international students talking about what they are doing now.

After the presentations of former students we got some life music by a local singer and a piano player. Soooooooooooooooooo great, I really liked it soooooooooo much. This is amazing, you´re sitting in the city hall and then you got live music and a singer, what can be better??? Well, of course, the dinner with the mayor. After the programme ended we went downstairs, could see the entire city hall and be astonished by the great architecture of the city hall.

In the big cellar we were eating and had the choice what to eat. For the entry we had salad, and as the main dish you could choose between salmon, which is typical for Finland, and curry chicken. Additionally they served bread and baguette. As I really don´t like fish I chose the curry chicken with rice and took some bread. Additionally they offered wine for us, red wine and white wine. I took white wine and really enjoyed it. And then the mayor walked around and talked to the students. And he was asked to take some pictures and he did. Every body was asking for pictures and he had fun to spend some time with us. And that was something really great.

After the “meet and greet” they served coffee and tea and my favorite ………………………. cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really really great. I took a cup of coffee and a plate with cake and cream and was sooooo happy. And we sat together and talking and having fun together. I really can say: Thank you Jyväskylä for this unique opportunity and the inventation.

What I got from this evening? New friends, a great dinner and a really unique opportunity to get to know more then I had expected. The international office was sending the invitations for the evening: The annual international get together. And honestly, they should do it every semester to offer every student the opportunity to have one of the best evenings during your stay.

I hope to get the opportunity to tell you more about events like that so see you next time.

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