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You have been asking a plenty of questions about accommodation in Jyväskylä. As I have already mentioned previously, most students here live in KOAS (Keski-Suomen opiskelija-asuntosäätiö). Of course you can also rent a flat from a private landlord, but this option may occur to be more challenging and time consuming. In this post I would like to tell you more about KOAS accommodation, mentioning many practical issues that you have been concerned about.

What are the accommodation options in KOAS?

When choosing thy type of your accommodation, you have three options:

  • Shared apartment (Soluasunto) is the most popular choice among students. Shared apartments usually have 2-3 separate rooms, shared kitchen and shared bathroom. If you want to share the apartment with your friend(s), you can mention his/her/their name(s) in the application form. If there are empty shared apartments available, you will get one. If you do not have a specific person you want to live with, KOAS will choose a flat mate for you randomly. Shared apartment is a great way to meet new people, and have a true student life experience.
  • Single apartment (Yksiö) is a good option if you want to have a home of your own. Single apartments are usually studios. However, in some the bedroom is separated from the kitchen and living room. From my experience, an inexpensive yksiö can quite hard to get. You usually have to queue for it for several months.
  • Family apartment (Perheasunto) is the option KOAS has for couples and families with kids.

Apart from the accommodation type, you can choose the desired floor area of the apartment, which varies from 15 to 104 m². You can also decide on preferred location. The picture below is a screenshot of KOAS’s website. It shows the locations of KOAS accommodations all over Jyväskylä. The red location mark is JAMK.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 15.36.11Most of the KOAS’s flats do not have furniture, There is a limited number of furnished apartments, which are especially convenient for exchange students. Please note that furnished apartments are available only at some locations.

How much does it cost to live in KOAS?

At the moment rent per month varies from 202 € to 956 €, and depends on the floor area of the apartment and location. The rent is fixed – it includes water and electricity expenses. 

How can I get an apartment at KOAS?

Once you are admitted to one of JAMK’s degree programmes and receive an acceptance letter, you fill in an application form on KOAS’s website and wait for an accommodation offer to come to your e-mail. It is that simple 😀

Where can I buy inexpensive furniture?

If you got an unfurnished apartment from KOAS, you obviously need to get the basic furniture like a bad, table and chairs. The cheapest option would be to buy it from a second hand store. There is also a Facebook group, where people of Jyväskylä sell their furniture, clothes, dishes, pillows, blankets, and many other useful things.

Second hand furniture stores:

“Second-Hand Items in Jyväskylä” group:

New furniture in Finland is quite expensive. However, the shops often have sales and good offers. Moreover, there are discounts on showpieces.

New furniture stores:

My experience of living in KOAS

It’s my fourth year at Jyväskylä, and I am currently leaving in a single apartment. I have been living in shared flats before. It was inexpensive, fun and I never felt lonely. After my exchange I decided try living in an yksiö, in order to concentrate more on finalizing my studies. My apartment is small but cozy. I have 1 bedroom, combined kitchen and living room, and a bathroom.

1Since I was planning to live in this flat only for one year, I did not want to invest in anything expensive. Thus, I bought all the furniture from second hand stores and spent a total of 120 euros on it. I brought home stuff like curtains, dishes, pillows, blankets, carpets, and some home decorations from Russian Ikea (As the closest Ikea to Jyväskylä is in Tampere, it was more convenient to carry these items over the border).

The building I live in has:

  • A laundry
  • A common room, which you can book for free to have a small party
  • A storage room, where you can keep the items that you do not need at the moment (for example, suitcases)
  • A sauna (there is hardly any building in Finland without a sauna :D)
  • A bike storage room

The use of these facilities is included in the rent. Everything you need is right here.


In summary, I cannot but mention that I am totally satisfied with my apartment. I have never had any problems with it. I like the location a lot too: it’s calm and quite here, there is a forest and a lake nearby. There is also a post office and a small grocery store just 100 meters away.

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