Introduction: Dream Big

The 2017 Application Period is over, so it is time for you guys to start intensive preparations for the entrance examination. Those who have added JAMK University of Applied Science to the preference list, congratulations! You’ve made a good choice and I’ll tell you why in a few seconds.

From the beginning

Hello! My name is Julia, and I am here to share with you the interesting and important information about JAMK and the study process. Originally, I came from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Right after high-school I received an invitation from the university, took my laptop, warm clothes and moved to Jyvaskyla, a beautiful city in Central Finland. Being a first-year International Business Student, I already have some tips and stories that may either motivate you to prepare for the entrance exams better or help with the adaptation to JAMK’s environment in advance. Are you interested? Keep on reading!

Why Finland?

If you’re a person who wants to explore the world and get the qualitative higher education, Finland is a great country to start with. This is one of the leading countries that are famous for their education systems. Its universities, also, offer degree programmes in English, so Finnish language is not strictly required. The most common English programmes in Finland are International Business (IB), Logistics and Nursing. Some institutions provide Business Information Technologies (BIT), Media and Engineering programmes as well, so the range is very diversified.

In addition to this, do not believe that Finland is a boring country! If you go there and immerse into the students’ life, you’ll be amazed by the events and parties which are held by student organizations and individuals. For example, JAMKO, a Student Union of JAMK, throws plenty of parties during the year. The most important are Tursajaiset (freshmen party), JAMKO’s Opening of the Academic Year and endless beach picnics for newcomers. Bright and unforgettable memories are guaranteed!


Do you either know that business is your lifestyle or you have not decided on your future yet? In both cases, IB is a great chance for you to develop and find yourself, as the sphere is very wide and has many directions. You should know that JAMK is here to help you.

International Business in JAMK is accredited by EPAS, the accreditation is given only to several universities in the world. This ensures the quality of course materials as well as the entire study structure. Due to elaborated system, IB students go through the main business foundations during the first year (e.g. project management, marketing, economics, entrepreneurship, accounting etc.), so they are able to identify the areas they like more or less. This is important, as later the students have to choose two academic tracks (e.g. Cross-Cultural Management, Technology Business and Future Foresight, Finance and Corporate Governance etc.) and write their thesis based on one of them.

In my opinion, the edge of JAMK is its specializations: e.g. High Tech Management, Music and Media Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, etc. They can be taken during the 3rd year of study or exchange.

This structure ensures the possibility to choose and develop skills people like more, so they can concentrate only on the preferred areas of business. Moreover, the basic business studies create almost entire pictures of the most important spheres giving necessary knowledge and increasing the competences.

JAMK’s IB is literally international, because there you can meet people from all over the world! Vietnam, China, USA, Europe, Russia, New Zealand, India and so forth. This environment positively affects communication skills as well as enriches international experience. Does it all seem unrealistic? I’ll tell a secret, but things actually work like that in JAMK.

Dreams come true

During exam preparations, I imagined JAMK being a true Hogwarts copy (as I am a little bit addicted to Harry Potter), with amazing huge campus, great teachers, delicious meal, light library, and magically comfortable study facilities.

When I came to the JAMK Main Campus, I realized that my dream came true. Of course, there was no magical wands or students in robes, but the entire atmosphere and teaches made me feel like I was at the very modern institution which environment was to help people study and learn more. In other words, in JAMK, there is a lot of “Rooms of Requirements” which are located on every corner, so everyone is able to sit and either study or relax there. Students often do not go home after lectures, but stay in the library or in one of these rooms, because the facilities encourage to learn the subjects and complete assignments on time.

JAMK is a great motivator for young entrepreneurs and different fields specialists. There are plenty of opportunities to develop teamwork skills and participate in projects that, afterwards, can be added to portfolio. In IB, during the first semester we already had had 5 projects, some students even worked with extracurricular cases that were given by real companies.

All in all, now I can affirm that JAMK is an excellent starting point for ambitious people who can catch chances and develop themselves. If you, guys, go there, you will be taught by very warm-hearted and intelligent lecturers, surrounded by friendly personnel and smart people from diversity of countries, and also be provided with great opportunities and facilities.  So, are you ready to try you best and enter JAMK’s doors in August, 2017? Good luck then!

Enjoy your life,

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