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Wide variety of sport activities in Jyväskylä

Let’s imagine that all exams have been passed, the nightmare of endless waiting period is over and, finally, you receive this long-expected invitation letter. From now you can really call yourself JAMK student. You have found a nice place to live and already started your Orientation Week at the University. Now it is time to find something for your soul and body.

Do you enjoy sport and a healthy lifestyle as much as I do? Then you are on the right page. Jyväskylä is a very energetic city. It moves every single day, driven by thousands of people doing sport. Every season Jyväskylä is full of both indoor and outdoor activities. I will try to describe if not all of them, then at least the main ones.

No matter what the weather like outside, you can always hide under the roof and go to a good-quality gym. To be honest, Jyväskylä city is speckled with tens of sport hall’s signboards inviting you to become their club member. Unfortunately, the vast majority of those gyms charges their customers from 7 to 12 times higher than JAMK does. So, when it came to my own decision last Autumn, I definitely chose the University offering. Now I absolutely don’t regret doing that. As it is called here, Academic Sport consists of the gym itself, wide variety of group classes and ball games. The halls are located in two campuses: the main one on Rajakatu 35 and the other one on Keskussairaalantie 4. On that web page, you can find all important information about Academic Sport https://www.korkeakoululiikunta.fi . Finally, all you need is to buy a sport sticker which allows you to kip fit for a whole year.

However, indoor activity is not the only one sport opportunity in Jyväskylä. People from abroad tend to think that life in Finland falls asleep when winter comes. You might be surprised, but it is totally not true. Here in Jyväskylä skating on Lake Jyväsjärvi is a common think that really impress newcomers, especially from warm countries. It goes without saying that skiing and walking on a fresh air have long became a good habit for locals and students as well.

Jyväskylä is the great combination of the city area and nature. Walking alone the lake shore in the evening, you can feast your eyes on the city lights on the opposite side. The car noise has been left somewhere far away and you can enjoy yourself walking, jogging or cycling.

Anyway, I am 100% sure that this is not the end of the activity-list. I haven’t explored all opportunities yet. It might be you, who will «Just do it» next academic year!

All the best!


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